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List of News Articles

  1. A woman in a rainbow dress shouts to the left. Two people in colourful clothing (woolly jumpers, braces, gloves and hat) with curly goat horns attached, peep out from the 'mountains' behind.
    1 December 2023

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff in rehearsals

  2. A green wheelbarrow on Oaklands Park full of plants ready for planting.
    30 November 2023

    Growing our hedgerow

  3. Chichester College text logo and icon on blue.
    27 November 2023

    Chichester College students have amazing experiences at CFT

  4. Production photo from Peter Pan. A young girl with dark curly hair wearing a grey dressing gown over a puffy skirt with grey slippers is holding onto a bed frame. There is a teddy lying on the bed. She looks to be running around it and is smiling. Behind her is a smaller boy in a navy blue dressing gown who is looking at her and smiling. There are small white houses on the floor around them and a white window, wardrobe, drawers and shelves can be seen in the background.
    23 November 2023

    20 Years of Christmas Tradition

  5. 21 November 2023

    "Noises Off is a genius piece of writing" Matthew Kelly talks larking around on tour

  6. A rehearsal room full of young people. A group in the centre surround a boy who has his arms stretched out, as if he is walking on a tightrope. Others in the background are in animal poses. There is a white play button in the middle of the image,
    9 November 2023

    The Jungle Book: what's going on in rehearsals?

  7. A sunny day, two people stood facing the camera smiling, Frankie is wearing a checked blue shirt and has her hair in a pony tail, George is wearing a black jumper.
    3 November 2023

    Help us to Light a Spark

  8. Images of a baby in a Ho ho Ho onesie being held by a smiling woman and a lady having a drink of fizz with Christmas lights in the background incased in golden lights and sparkles.
    2 November 2023

    Christmas is coming to CFT

  9. 25 October 2023

    Life of Pi: Staging the impossible

  10. 23 October 2023

    Powering family adventures competition

  11. 20 October 2023

    Launching our pilot Artists Development Programme

  12. A man in a grey shirt and trousers stands centre stage holding a chair aloft in his left hand. Behind him, to the left, are a couple (a woman in a grey dress with dark hair, and a blonde man in a grey shirt and grey trousers) holding each other and looking at him. At the back of the stage is a black platform with metal railings; a woman stands in the centre looking down. Bottom right you can see some red neon letters spelling out Red Hook.
    16 October 2023

    Justin Audibert on A View from the Bridge