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  1. 17 May 2024

    Dementia Action Week

  2. 16 May 2024

    Mental Health Awareness Month

  3. 16 May 2024

    The Caretaker teaser trailer

  4. A group of young people dance on top of a kitchen island on a stage. They are stood together, with their arms raised and twisted, mid-dance move. They are wearing party clothes - trainers, jeans, crop tops and bucket hats - and are lit with dramatic blue lighting.
    13 May 2024

    The party has started... The House Party trailer, reviews and production photos

  5. The full company of actors in The Other Boleyn Girl in full traditional Tudor costume on the Festival Theatre stage
    7 May 2024

    The making of ‘Dressing the Tudors’: behind-the-scenes of our new exhibition

  6. 7 May 2024

    Behind the scenes of the Coram Boy Cathedral recording

  7. A view of the Festival Theatre auditorium, taken from the back of the stage and looking out into the audience, seated in an amphitheatre. The stage has a dull gold parquet floor with star-shaped panels reflecting the light; there is a harpsichord on the left and two crystal chandeliers which have been lowered to a few feet from the floor. The audience are illuminated by the house lights which are suspended from a central, hexagonal truss.
    2 May 2024

    Get closer to the action with our Pre- and Post-Show Talks, sponsored by Close Brothers Asset Management

  8. 30 April 2024

    Reviews are in for The Other Boleyn Girl!

  9. Artistic Director Justin Audibert smiles at the camera. He is wearing a black jumper and is in front of a yellow background.
    29 April 2024

    The Caretaker: Q&A with Justin Audibert on directing his first Festival season show

  10. A young woman in a white shirt and black hair in a bun stands in a rehearsal room. She is holding a black notebook, with a shocked look on her face, her mouth open slightly as she looks off camera.
    29 April 2024

    Rachelle Diedericks Q&A on The House Party

  11. 29 April 2024

    Get writing and improvising with our new workshops

  12. A group of people in a rehearsal space, shaking hands and smiling.
    26 April 2024

    CPD Sessions for teachers