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We are a local theatre with a world-class profile where everyone’s invited to be part of the story, on and off the stage.

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  1. A woman's hands can be seen holding an ornate golden picture frame. The bottom of the woman's face is visible above the frame, she has a slight smile, red lipstick and is wearing a pearl neckace with a golden 'B' on it. Inside the picture frame is an image of a serious looking woman. The top of her chest and shoulders are exposed, and she wears a brown cap with her hair pulled back.
    Festival Theatre

    The Other Boleyn Girl

  2. Two teenage girls sit on an rumpled bed with a pale pink satin duvet, smiling at the camera. The girl on the left lies on her back, with her feet up against the headboard, holding a phone in one hand. She wears patterned high heel noots, blue trousers and a purple ruffled top. To the right is a girl in a golden dress, leaning against the headboard with one foot crossed over the other.
    Minerva Theatre

    The House Party

  3. A statue of a curly haired cherub, holding some papers in his hand. The statue is in shadows, with the left side of the face and half its wing in darkness. It looks dramatic.
    Festival Theatre

    Coram Boy

Our first Family Jamboree

On 7 April, we celebrated our first Family Jamboree, welcoming our youngest guests to CFT for a day of fun. There were drop-in arts and crafts workshops, performances and activities in our foyer spaces.

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A smiling baby in wearing a green and white stripy top is peeking over soft play equipment.