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We are a local theatre with a world-class profile where everyone’s invited to be part of the story, on and off the stage.

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  1. Two teenage girls sit on an rumpled bed with a pale pink satin duvet, smiling at the camera. The girl on the left lies on her back, with her feet up against the headboard, holding a phone in one hand. She wears patterned high heel noots, blue trousers and a purple ruffled top. To the right is a girl in a golden dress, leaning against the headboard with one foot crossed over the other.
    Minerva Theatre

    The House Party

  2. A statue of a curly haired cherub, holding some papers in his hand. The statue is in shadows, with the left side of the face and half its wing in darkness. It looks dramatic.
    Festival Theatre

    Coram Boy

  3. An elderly man (Ian McDiarmid) stares at the camera. His face is wrinkled and looks stern and dramatic, with shadows under his eyes and chin.  He is wearing a black shirt, and his face in lit in a silvery colour.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Caretaker

May is Mental Health Awareness month

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Wellbeing is incredibly important to us here at CFT, and we wanted to share a few of our May events, with insights from our Creative Therapist Shari on how they’ll benefit your mental health.

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