Aged 16-30? Get tickets for just £5

£5 tickets and no membership fee? What do I need to know?

Just register for free with your date of birth and when you sign in to your CFT account you'll find our £5 tickets pop up as black stars on seating plans. Remember to bring your ID with you on the day.

The important bit

As a Prologue member you can book up to two £5 tickets (subject to availability) per performance. Prologue members have to make the booking themselves and both ticket holders must have valid ID showing they are 16-30 on the date of the performance. Prologue tickets are non-transferable and cannot be upgraded to full price or other concessionary tickets.

Any other discounts?

Show your ID to get 10% off food and drink in the Café in the Park, the Foyer Café, the Festival Theatre and Minerva Bars. Check out our FAQs for all the details.

Prologue ticket FAQs

For 16-30 year olds

When can I book my tickets?
You can book as soon as a show is on general sale (unless you're also a paid up Friend), and you need to be logged in to access the tickets - so make sure you register as a member with a valid date of birth. You can use Prologue tickets up to the day before turn 31, so if you're booking a whole season in one go make sure your ID will be valid for all of your bookings as you will need it at each performance.

How can I book?
Log in and look for the black stars on the seating plan if you're booking online, call our Box Office on 01243 781312, or pop into the Theatre (our address is Chichester Festival Theatre, Oaklands Park, Chichester PO19 6AP if you fancy writing us a letter).

How many tickets can I book?
You can book up to two Prologue tickets per performance (subject to availability), so why not bring a 16-30 year old friend along and introduce them to CFT? Obviously you can also book additional full price tickets for anyone outside the age range in the same booking.

When do I get my tickets?
We're doing our bit for the environment so E-Tickets will be sent to you after your booking.

Will I need identification?
Yes, you need to bring photo ID when you come to the Theatre, showing that you are between the ages of 16 and 30 on that date. If you're bringing a 16-30 year old friend, remind them that they will need to bring theirs too! We accept a valid passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate, or a PASS approved card.

Can I see productions in both Theatres?
Great news, we have Prologue tickets for all productions in the Festival and Minerva Theatres during the Festival season. Slightly less great news, in the Winter season we have to negotiate them with producers who are bringing their shows to us on tour. Most producers are on board, but there may be some shows where we can't offer them. So make sure you look out for the Prologue logo.

When can I see a production?
You can come along on any date (subject to availability of course).

What if I go with someone older or younger? Will we be able to sit together?
We hold our Prologue seats specifically for members, so they're in fixed places around the theatre and it may not be possible to sit together. But if there is availability you can definitely book them a full price ticket next to your Prologue one. However, if you "accidentally" (we're looking at some of you who try to break the rules) buy a £5 ticket for someone outside the 16 to 30 age range, please note we cannot upgrade their ticket to full price or to another concessionary price. Our Front of House staff reserve the right to refuse admission if you don't have valid ID for all Prologue ticketholders - and no one wants to have that awkward conversation.

What if I can no longer make the performance date?
If you contact Box Office at least 48 hours in advance of the performance, we can exchange your Prologue ticket for another date (subject to availability).

Where can I use my discount off food and drink?
The 10% discount off food and drink can be used in the Café in the Park, the Foyer Café and Minerva Bar on presentation of valid ID - especially important if you are over 18 and purchasing alcohol.

Can other members of my group use my 10% discount?
Only the Prologue member is eligible for the discount. It cannot be used to buy food or drinks for other members of your group, and it cannot be applied to a joint bill.

For full T&Cs, click here.

For parents and carers

Can I book Prologue tickets?
Only 16-30 year old Prologue members can book our £5 tickets. Members can book as soon as the season goes on general sale, so it may be worth co-ordinating diaries so you can try to book seats together. Prologue members can also book full price tickets as well as their £5 ticket if attending with someone over 30 (so maybe ask them nicely!).

If you want to bring a 16-30 year old to the Theatre, have a look at the discounts page of our website as some of those may apply. And don't forget, during the Festival season our £10 tickets are available for all Festival and Minerva Theatre productions (subject to availability). Find out more about discounts and ticket offers here.

What is the purpose of the Prologue membership scheme?
We want to encourage independent theatregoing by younger audience members, and Prologue is designed to kickstart a life-long love of theatre in the next generation. By setting aside affordable tickets for Prologue, members can choose what they want to see and enjoy going to the theatre with friends.

Why do 16-30 year olds have access to £5 tickets?
We make our £5 tickets available to Prologue members so that they can choose which productions they want to see and purchase their own tickets. There is something about the whole experience of deciding on a production, choosing a date and buying your own ticket that can lead to someone becoming a lifelong theatregoer.

Who is allowed to book Prologue tickets?
Only registered 16-30 year old members can book Prologue tickets for events and productions. Members must show ID for each Prologue ticket holder at the Theatre, proving they are between the ages of 16 and 30 on the date of the performance.

If it looks like someone outside the age range has added a false date of birth to their account in order to access Prologue tickets, we have the right to remove that date of birth and invalidate the ticket purchase. If you find you have booked a Prologue ticket accidentally, please get in touch with our Box Office on 01243 781312.

If my 16-30 year old books a Prologue ticket, will we still be able to sit together?
Prologue tickets are in specific seats around the theatre so it may not be possible to sit together. Ask the member to check the seating plan to see if any seats are available next to Prologue ones. If so, they can purchase full price seats when they make their booking.

For full T&Cs, click here.

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  1. Two teenage girls sit on an rumpled bed with a pale pink satin duvet, smiling at the camera. The girl on the left lies on her back, with her feet up against the headboard, holding a phone in one hand. She wears patterned high heel noots, blue trousers and a purple ruffled top. To the right is a girl in a golden dress, leaning against the headboard with one foot crossed over the other.
    Minerva Theatre

    The House Party

  2. A statue of a curly haired cherub, holding some papers in his hand. The statue is in shadows, with the left side of the face and half its wing in darkness. It looks dramatic.
    Festival Theatre

    Coram Boy

  3. Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Cabaret Noir

  4. An elderly man (Ian McDiarmid) stares at the camera. His face is wrinkled and looks stern and dramatic, with shadows under his eyes and chin.  He is wearing a black shirt, and his face in lit in a silvery colour.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Caretaker

  5. Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Slay and Play

  6. A microphone is in the centre of the frame, in front of a backdrop of blurred golden lights.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Fest to Fest

  7. An image of a young boy's face painted in brown and black ink and paint,  with visible splotches and brush strokes. He is looking straight ahead with an innocent expression, with his hair is swept to the side. In the background is a London skyline including St Paul's Cathedral. Below the image are bold, red capital letters reading 'Oliver!'
    Festival Theatre


  8. Two midwives in white smocks, white caps and blue blouses stand against a green and white wall. The midwife on the left holds two newborn babies, they look like twins. The midwife on the right holds one newborn baby with dark hair. They both look down caringly at the babies.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Promise

  9. A black bicycle lies on the ground, half covered in snow. Next to the bike, a patch of snow is stained red with blood. In the foreground, a man is turned away from the camera looking towards the bike, he is wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and a black jacket, which are speckled with snow.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

  10. A woman sketches a pencil drawing of a man onto a sheet of paper. The paper is on a wooden table, and the pencil is orange.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Sketch & Sip

  11. A black-and-white-photo taken on the crowded steps of Chichester Law Court. In the centre, two young men in stylish suits walk down the steps, holding their hands in front of their faces to block the camera. Around them, women in 1960s hairstyles and coats look up at the two men, some with excited expressions. On the left stands a stern policeman in a hat, with two more policemen and photographers in the background.
    Festival Theatre


  12. A black and white image of a man in a pin stripe suit looks aghast with his arms and hands outstretched. Behind him his shadow lurks overhead ready to pounce.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Cat and the Canary

  13. A woman in along, ruffled pink chiffon dress runs through a dark, misty woodland away from the camera. She is turning to look behind her, has an afro framing her face, and is barefoot. She holds a silver trainer in her hand. She is surrounded by mysterious looking trees and branches.
    Festival Theatre