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List of News Articles

  1. Sketch of a pathway through trees t a building with red sign saying 'The Nest'
    15 February 2024

    Our plans for a new space

  2. A rectangular graphic, half orange and half mustard yellow, with '2024 Festival' in the centre.
    15 February 2024

    Festival 2024 now on sale

  3. A stage is lit with orange and yellow lights and filled with smoky haze. A performer stands centre stage wearing baggy trousers, trainers and a checked shirt. They have their arms by their sides and their head tilted back with their eyes closed, as though praying or meditating. There is a geometric archway behind them and a drummer playing the drums.
    12 February 2024

    Hear what audiences are saying about Peak Stuff

  4. Four students in matching purple school uniforms stand huddled together on the stage. They are all looking with interest at a piece of paper that the actor in the centre is holding. She is looking up at the audience and speaking, looking determined, with her fist clenched.
    8 February 2024

    The Boy at the Back of the Class - a first look at the show

  5. Two performers  sit on the floor of a rehearsal studio. The performer  on the left has shoulder length ginger hair and wears a green sweatshirt under black dungarees with yellow trainers. They are holding a script and reading from it. The performer  on the right is looking down at another script on the floor by their feet.  They have short dark hair and  wear  matching sage green leggings and a crop top with a cropped white t-shirt on top, rainbow stripey socks and white trainers.
    1 February 2024

    "It's a rollercoaster of an experience": Associate Director Hetty Hodgson on Peak Stuff and how CFT has shaped her career

  6. Three actors in period clothing from the 1983 production of A Patriot for Me
    30 January 2024

    LGBT+ History Month: “A milestone in the theatre’s history”

  7. An elegant woman with curly red hair, wearing a rust-coloured cloak with a fur collar over a red satin dress, stands behind a man with white hair and beard, wearing a black dinner jacket. Both look to the right with serious expressions.
    25 January 2024

    Coming full Circle

  8. Orange background with white text reading Festival 2024 Coming Soon....
    24 January 2024

    Save the date for Festival 2024

  9. Green asparagus tips, salad and burrata with flower garnish
    23 January 2024

    Don't miss our fun foodie events

  10. A group of eight people, all dresse4d casually, stand smiling at the camera. Behind them through the floor-length windows is glimpsed the side of the Minerva Bar and the corner of Chichester Festival Theatre.
    22 January 2024

    Meet the participants in the Artists Development Programme

  11. 16 January 2024

    Apprenticeships at CFT

  12. 12 January 2024

    Be a part of one of our Festival 2024 shows