Philanthropy and major gifts

Your support can make a world of difference

A major gift, personally or through a charitable trust, could help us to welcome even more people to shows, widen our reach into the local community, offer a young person their first step into a creative career or invest in this building, making it future-proof and ensuring people can enjoy shows here for generations to come.

As a significant supporter, we'll get you personally involved in the project you're helping to fund and say thank you with invites to exclusive events.

Contact Sophie Henstridge-Brown on 01243 812915 or to discuss supporting us with a significant personal gift or getting involved with any of the projects below. We can't wait to hear from you.

Support new writing through The Playwrights Fund

Ever wondered what it takes to create a play from scratch? (Hint - it involves lots of time, dedication and risk.)

The Playwrights Fund invests in nurturing new writers and developing new plays, so that we can keep telling stories that deserve to be heard. This small group of passionate supporters follow the development process at all stages - meeting writers, attending workshops and script readings in both London and Chichester, and enjoying a close relationship with our Artistic Director.

Director Daniel Evans sits at a desk in rehearsals for Local Hero

Help others in the community through CFT's work

Our incredible Learning, Education and Participation team (LEAP for short!) work tirelessly to break down barriers keeping some people from experiencing theatre and being part of our story. Your support will help us to light a spark for even more people.

A girl is on a colourful stage with her arms outstretched. There are other children performing in the space around her.

Support the next generation of artists with their creative careers

New artists need a place to start developing and building their skills. And taking your first step into a career in theatre is never easy. That's why we're creating more opportunities for young people to launch their career at CFT. We run apprenticeships, traineeships, career development and mentoring schemes; with your support we can nurture the next generation of theatre professionals.

Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads cast and Director all leaning over a table looking at a laptop together

Making our theatre fit for the future

CFT was built on a dream and a shoestring. 60 years later, we're still thriving. But keeping our concrete hexagon up to date takes clever ideas and (to put it bluntly) a lot of funding.

Constant investment in the literal building blocks of our theatres means we can keep putting on amazing shows, wowing audiences in a safe and sustainable building. And we want our creatives to have access to the latest technologies so that they can dream big - like designing sets in virtual reality!

Your support will keep CFT at the cutting edge of theatre-making, while also making us more sustainable and more efficient.

A man's hand moves a lever on a lit up technical desk