Online booking support

If you are looking for some guidance, or are struggling to book online, please take a look at the guides below.

We recommend that you check your internet browser is up to date as older versions can cause issues when booking online. For desktop and laptop computers we recommend Chrome, Safari and Firefox. On tablets and phones we recommend the default browser installed on your device; Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. We have produced comprehensive booking and support guides for these browsers. Our booking system does work with Edge, Opera and other lesser used browsers, however we are not able to provide detailed support and advice for these browsers. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer. 

Current desktop / laptop browser versions (as of 3 May 2022):
Chrome 101
Safari 15.4
Firefox 99

Downloadable guides

These guides will download as PDF documents. Check your downloads folder if they do not open in your browser.

Online booking guide

Access booking guide

Resetting / creating a new password

Changing cookie settings

Check your Browser settings

Video guides

Checking and using the credit on your account

We know many of you opted to credit your account when we cancelled performances last year. Watch this video to guide you through the steps of checking for credit on your CFT account, and how to apply it to your purchases.