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  1. An elderly man (Ian McDiarmid) stares at the camera. His face is wrinkled and looks stern and dramatic, with shadows under his eyes and chin.  He is wearing a black shirt, and his face in lit in a silvery colour.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Caretaker

    Sat 8 Jun - Sat 13 July
  2. An image of a young boy's face painted in brown and black ink and paint,  with visible splotches and brush strokes. He is looking straight ahead with an innocent expression, with his hair is swept to the side. In the background is a London skyline including St Paul's Cathedral. Below the image are bold, red capital letters reading 'Oliver!'
    Festival Theatre


  3. Two midwives in white smocks, white caps and blue blouses stand against a green and white wall. The midwife on the left holds two newborn babies, they look like twins. The midwife on the right holds one newborn baby with dark hair. They both look down caringly at the babies.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Promise

    Fri 19 Jul - Sat 17 Aug

Theatre Green Book: How did we do with The House Party?

At CFT, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact and reaching carbon net zero. This season, we're making all of our Minerva Theatre productions to Theatre Green Book basic standards.

Find out more about what that means.