Our spaces

Where to start?

With two theatres, a restaurant, two cafés, two bars and two rehearsal and workshop spaces, there are plenty of places for creativity and fun at CFT. And that's before we set up the deckchairs on Oaklands Park!

Take a 360° tour by clicking on the opera glasses to move indoors and around our spaces, or book yourself onto one of our backstage tours to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

The important things


Toilets, washrooms, bathrooms or loos - whatever you call them, it's likely that you'll want to visit ours while you're here.

Boasting two sets of ladies and gents in the Festival Theatre and another two sets in the Minerva (offering a total of 63 cubicles, four of which are ambulant, and 27 urinals), there's no shortage of places to spend a penny.

We also have two accessible toilets on either side of the Festival Theatre Foyer and another in the Festival Theatre (auditorium left, adjacent with row L) and one on each level of the Minerva Theatre.

Step-free access

In the Festival Theatre, the foyer, café and toilets are at ground level with no steps to negotiate. When booking your seats you'll want to choose Row L from the Front and Side Stalls or Row W in the Rear Stalls. We have lifts on either side of the auditorium with level access to both of these rows.

In the Minerva building the Theatre and Minerva Bar are on the first floor - once you go through the doors, head behind the stairs to find a lift ready to take you up a level. If you'd like step-free access to your seat in the Minerva, book Row A. The Brasserie is on the ground floor if you're stopping for something to eat before the show.

For more information on accessible facilities and performances, take a look at our Accessibility page.

A bite to eat

Our catering partners Caper and Berry have a range of options whether you're stopping for a cuppa or would like a three course meal. Head over to our Food and Drink page to find out more.

Peek behind the scenes!

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  2. Children and grown-ups look at props and fake food on a table.
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