Prologue FAQs for parents and carers

Can I book Prologue tickets?
No, only 16-30 year old Prologue members can book Prologue tickets. Prologue members can book when the season goes on general sale, so you can arrange to attend the same performance as your 16-30 year old and depending on availability may be able to book seats together. Prologue members can also book full price tickets with their £5 ticket if attending with someone over 30.

If you want to bring a 16-30 year old to the Theatre, have a look at the discounts page of our website to see if any of those apply. Also, during the Festival season £10 and £15 tickets are available for all Festival Theatre productions (subject to availability). Find out more about discounts and ticket offers here.

What is the purpose of the Prologue membership scheme?
Chichester Festival Theatre is committed to encouraging independent theatregoing by younger members of its audience and Prologue is designed to kickstart a life-long love of theatre in the next generation. Tickets are specially allocated for Prologue members aged 16-30 so that they can choose what they want to see and enjoy the experience of visiting the Theatre with their friends. The scheme is run alongside other membership schemes including Friends and Access.

Why do 16-30 year olds have access to £5 tickets?
An allocation of £5 tickets are made available to Prologue members so that they can choose which productions they want to see and purchase their own tickets. The whole experience of deciding on a production, selecting a date and purchasing a ticket is key to encouraging independent theatregoing and a life-long love of theatre.

Who is allowed to book Prologue tickets?
Only registered 16-30 year old members can book Prologue tickets for events and productions. ID must be shown for each Prologue ticket holder when attending the Theatre, proving they are between the ages of 16 and 30 on the date of the performance.

If it looks like someone outside the age range has added a date of birth to their account in order to access Prologue tickets, we have the right to remove that date of birth and invalidate the ticket purchase. If you find you have booked a ticket accidentally, please get in touch with the Box Office on 01243 781312.

If my 16-30 year old books a Prologue ticket, will we still be able to sit together?
Prologue tickets are in specific areas of the auditoria so it may not be possible to sit together. Ask the member to check the seating plan to see if any seats are available next to the Prologue ones. If so, they can purchase full price seats when they make their booking.