Name a seat

A photo from the side of the stage looking out over a full audience, applauding. The youth theatre company of Wind in the Willows are taking their bows on a colourfully lit stage.

Make your mark and celebrate special memories

Have you and your partner traditionally sat in the same spot over the years? Or has a friend always loved the view from G15? Naming a seat not only provides much-needed support but means you'll become part of the fabric of the Theatre you love. And as a bonus, if you sign up for Gift Aid, we can claim a further 25% at no extra cost to you, so your donation will go even further.

(As much as we'd love to promise your favourite spot will be available for every visit, please note that Name a Seat donations do not guarantee that you will be able to book this seat when making ticket purchases.)

If you would like to talk to someone about naming a seat or making a one-off donation in someone's memory, our Senior Development Manager Sophie Henstridge-Brown is always happy to chat on 01243 812915 or email [email protected]

Gifting in memory

If the walls of this building could talk, there would be countless tales of tears and laughter shared between friends and family. That's what theatre is. A shared experience and memories being made.

Leaving a gift to remember a love one can be a way to celebrate not only their life but the moments you enjoyed here together, and ensures that their love of theatre is passed on. You can make a one-off donation online or if you'd rather talk to one of our team (as it's always nicer to chat with a friendly human about these things) please do get in touch with Sophie Henstridge-Brown on 01243 812915 or [email protected]