Festival Players supporters

John and Joan Adams

Dr Cheryl Adams CBE 

Judy Addison Smith T

om Reid and Lindy Ambrose 

Paul Arman 

The Earl and Countess of Balfour 

Matthew Bannister 

Mr James and Lady Emma Barnard (The Barness Charity Trust) 

Mrs Margaret Baumber 

Franciska and Geoffrey Bayliss 

Lucy Berry 

Julian and Elizabeth Bishop 

Martin Blackburn 

Sarah and Tony Bolton 

Janet Bounds 

Pat Bowman 

Lucy and Simon Brett 

Nick and Carol Brigstocke 

Adam and Sarah Broke 

Therese Brook 

Peter and Pamela Bulfield 

Jean Campbell 

Julie Campbell 

Ian and Jan Carroll 

Sir Bryan and Lady Carsberg 

Sally Chittleburgh 

David and Claire Chitty 

Denise Clatworthy

David and Julie Coldwell 

Mr & Mrs Barry Colgate 

Mr Charles Collingwood and Miss Judy Bennett 

Michael and Jill Cook 

Freda Cooper 

Brian and Claire Cox 

Susan Cressey

Jonathan and Sue Cunnison 

Rowena and Andrew Daniels 

Jennie Davies 

The de Laszlo Foundation 

Yvonne and John Dean 

Clive and Kate Dilloway 

Peter and Ruth Doust 

Peter and Jill Drummond 

John and Joanna Dunstan 

Peter Edgeler and Angela Hirst 

Glyn Edmunds 

Anthony and Penny Elphick

Sheila Evans 

Gary Fairhall 

Lady Finch 

Colin and Carole Fisher 

Beryl Fleming 

Karin and Jorge Florencio 

Jane Fogg 

Robert and Pip Foster 

Jenifer and John Fox 

Debbie and Neil Franks 

Terry Frost 

Mr Nigel Fullbrook 

George Galazka 

Alan and Pat Galer 

Robert and Pirjo Gardiner 

Wendy and John Gehr 

Jacqueline and Jonathan Gestetner 

Marion Gibbs CBE 

Olwen Gillmore 

Robin and Rosemary Gourlay 

R and R Green 

Reverend David Guest 

Ros and Alan Haigh 

Dr Stuart Hall 

Rowland and Caroline Hardwick 

Dennis and Joan Harrison 

Roger and Tina Harrison 

David Harrison 

Robert and Suzette Hayes 

Hania and Paul Hinton 

Christopher Hoare 

Dame Denise and Mr David Holt

Pauline and Ian Howat 

Barbara Howden Richards 

Richard and Kate Howlett 

John B Hulbert 

Mike Imms 

Mrs Raymonde Jay 

Melanie J. Johnson 

Nina Kaye and Timothy Nathan 

Rodney Kempster 

Nigel Kennedy OBE 

Geoffrey King 

James and Clare Kirkman 

Frank and Freda Letch 

Mrs Jane Lewis 

John and Jenny Lippiett

Amanda Lunt 

Jim and Marilyn Lush 

Dr and Mrs Nick Lutte 

Nigel and Julia Maile 

Sarah Mansell and Tim Bouquet 

Jeremy and Caroline Marriage 

Adrian Marsh and Maggie Stoker 

Charles and Elisabeth Martin 

Trevor & Lynne Matthews 

John and Sally-Ann McCormack 

Tim McDonald 

Jill and Douglas McGregor 

James and Anne McMeehan Roberts 

Andrew McVittie 

Mrs Michael Melluish 

Celia Merrick 

Diana Midmer 

Jenifer and John Mitchell 

David and Di Mitchell 

Gerald Monaghan 

Nick & Pat Moore 

Sue and Peter Morgan 

Roger and Jackie Morris 

Mrs Mary Newby 

Bob and Maureen Niddrie 

Lady Nixon 

Pamela and Bruce Noble 

Eileen Norris 

Jacquie Ogilvie 

Margaret and Martin Overington 

Mr and Mrs Gordon Owen 

Graham and Sybil Papworth 

Richard Parkinson and Hamilton McBrien 

Alex and Sheila Paterson 

Simon and Margaret Payton 

Terry and John Pearson 

Stephen & Annie Pegler 

Jean Plowright The Sidlesham Theatre Group 

Brian & Margaret Raincock 

David Rees 

The Rees Family 

Adam Rice 

John and Betsy Rimmer 

Robin Roads 

Philip Robinson 

Nigel and Viv Robson 

Ken and Ros Rokison 

Graham and Maureen Russell 

Clare Scherer and Jamie O'Meara 

Mr Christopher Sedgwick 

John and Tita Shakeshaft 

Mrs Dale Sheppard-Floyd 

Jackie and Alan Sherling 

David and Linda Skuse

Monique and David Smith 

Simon Smith 

Mr and Mrs Brian Smouha 

David & Unni Spiller 

Mel and Marilyn Stein 

Barbara Stewart 

Peter Stoakley 

Anne Subba-Row 

Professor and Mrs Warwick Targett 

Harry and Shane Thuillier 

Mr Robert Timms 

Miss Melanie Tipples 

Alan and Helen Todd 

Peter and Sioned Vos 

David Wagstaff and Mark Dunne 

Ian and Alison Warren 

Brett Weaver and Linda Smith

Chris and Dorothy Weller 

Bowen and Rennie Wells 

Judith Williams 

Angela Williams 

Lulu Williams 

Nick and Tarnia Williams 

David and Vivienne Woolf 

Angela Wormald

With additional thanks to those who wish to remain anonymous