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Following yesterday's press night, here's a round up of what the critics have had to say so far about the UK premiere of Adrienne Kennedy's Mom, How Did You Meet The Beatles?

4 Stars

In Diyan Zora’s crystal-clear production, Rakie Ayola is compelling as Adrienne


A tale which is richly, mesmerisingly and movingly told by Rakie Ayola in one of the finest performances the Minerva has seen for a long, long time. Diyan Zora’s direction and Ayola’s instinct ensure that what might have been static never is for a moment. Ayola’s delivery is fresh and completely engaging.

Chichester Observer

An affecting memoir of a thwarted playwright. We’re enraptured by the superb Rakie Ayola as Adrienne, in Diyan Zora's subtly paced production


What Ayola so brilliantly conveyed is her sense of wonder and excitement to even have a seat at the table, to find the silver lining. It was undoubtedly unlike anything I’ve seen before – and judging by the standing ovation it got, Adrienne’s legacy will now be remembered by at least one room of people in Chichester.

Portsmouth News

In Diyan Zora’s stylishly filmic production, Rakie Ayola brilliantly and subtly inhabits Kennedy. Superbly acted.


5 Stars

Rakie Ayola’s performance is truly breathtaking. I cannot recommend this production highly enough. A rapturous standing ovation, overwhelmingly deserved.

Theatre South East

Rakie Ayola’s anecdote of when Adrienne Kennedy met The Beatles was as engaging as it was captivating from the very moment she first started speaking

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