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Rehearsals for The Jungle Book, this year’s Chichester Festival Youth Theatre Christmas show, are well-underway, and we crept behind the scenes to give you a sneak peek! This Christmas, experience the magic of Rudyard Kipling’sThe Jungle Book like never before in Sonali Bhattacharyya’s brand-new adaptation, featuring original songs by Ruth Chan.

A teenage boy in a green jumper with a big backpack over his front leans over a girl with his arms spread imposingly at his sides. She has a slightly frightened expression and leans away from him, with her arms at his sides.
Rehearsals for CFYT's The Jungle Book Image: Tim Hills 2023

The Jungle Book Rehearsal Trailer

Check out the rehearsal trailer!

You might know The Jungle Book, but you’ve never seen it like this. Get ready to get lost in this powerful story of adventure, friendship and family. You’ll be dancing like our jungle animals all the way home!

Our talented cast of 70 local young performers have been working hard to bring a jungle full of spirited animals to life. Head to the event page to take a look at the rehearsal photos to see them prowling, slithering and pouncing around the studio!

In case you missed it...

Check out the first day video and hear from director Matt Hassall, choreographer Chi-San Howard and costume designer Ryan Dawson-Laight.

Time to get ready for the jungle...

CatchThe Jungle Book in the Festival Theatre from 16-31 December. Visit the show page to book your tickets and find out more.