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The Caretaker is now open in the Minerva Theatre. Hear from our Artistic Director Justin Audibert in conversation with Adam Gillen, Ian McDiarmid and Jack Riddiford as they discuss Harold Pinter, the rehearsal process and bringing The Caretaker to the stage.

Scroll down for the production trailer and photos and rave reviews. Head to the show page to get your tickets: The Caretaker must end on Saturday 13 July.

5 Stars

Mesmerising. A first class production, five stars on every level

Theatre South East

5 Stars

This interpretation of Pinter's dialogue is sublime

Jonathan Baz

5 Stars

Justin Audibert’s first directorial outing since taking up his post at CFT is an extraordinary feat of theatrical power and clarity

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An old man is holding a knife, pointing towards someone off camera. He is wearing a long brown coat, looking very agitated. He is leaning his other hand on a cabinet door and is stood infront of a dirty wall with peeling wallpaper.
Ian McDiarmid as Davies in The Caretaker at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Ellie Kurttz
4 Stars

Beautifully paced (and, given our cash-strapped era, smartly timed)


4 Stars

Will leave the audience talking long after the final bows

Theatre and Tonic

4 Stars

Audibert is working with some terrific talent on stage to bring this bleak tragicomedy to blistering life


An absolute masterclass on how to perfectly deliver Pinter

West Sussex Gazette

A younger man leans over an older man with a finger to his lips, menacingly. The older man is cowering on the floor, covering his face with his hands. The younger man with slicked black hair is wearing a black leather jacket, the older man is wearing a blue shirt. The room behind them is very messy.
Jack Riddiford (Mick) and Ian McDiarmid (Davies) in The Caretaker at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Ellie Kurttz

A trio of superb actors

Mark Shenton on X

Brilliant production. And a once in a lifetime performance from Ian McDiarmid

Charlotte on Instagram

The Caretaker at @ChichesterFT is a masterclass in acting. Breathlessly moving at one point, then gripping as power changes hands

Peter on X

A blond man stands with his index fingers pointed againt his forehead and his face screwed up. His mouth is open as if he is screaming or in pain, and his eyes are closed. He wears a big dark jacket and his shadow is cast mencacintly on the dirty wall behind him.
Adam Gillen as Aston in The Caretaker at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Ellie Kurttz