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Up next in the Minerva Theatre is a gripping, darkly comic drama directed by our Artistic Director Justin Audibert. Scroll through the rehearsal photos to get a sense of the tension and intimacy of the action and the three compelling characters.

An actor with slicked back dark hair in a brown leather jacket holds a finger to his lips as lunges over an older man aggressively. He holds the older man up off the floor with one hand on his waistcoat collar. In the background are piles of painting and DIY supplies.
Jack Riddiford and Ian McDiarmid in rehearsal for The Caretaker Image: Ellie Kurrtz 2024

This powerful classic follows three men on the edge of society; Davies, Aston and Mick are all struggling to find their place in the world. In one room, they battle it out for territory, opportunity and control that remains tantalisingly out of reach.

Ever since you came into this house there’s been nothing but trouble. You’re violent, you’re erratic, you’re just completely unpredictable.

The Caretaker

Two men stand in a rehearsal room, in front of a messy pile of furniture and boxes. On the left is an older white-haired man wearing a long brown jacket and white shirt. He is looking down at his hands as he fiddles with a small object. On the left a younger blond man stands with his hands in the pockets of an oversized brown chequered blazer. He is looking towards the other man, cocking his head and smiling.
Ian McDiarmid and Adam Gillen in rehearsal for The Caretaker Image: Ellie Kurrtz 2024

I’m convinced that what happens in my plays could happen anywhere, anytime, in any place, although the events may seem unfamiliar at first glance

Harold Pinter

Two actors sit facing each other in a rehearsal room. On the left, an older man in a brown coat and trousers sits on a hamper covered with a pink chequered blanket. On the right a younger man in a leather jacket sits on a rusted green metal chest. The older man looks the younger man in the face, and holds a small object in his hands. The younger man's eyes are down, and he rests his thumb on the small object. Between them is a half eaten sandwich in brown paper.
Ian McDiarmid and Jack Riddiford in rehearsal for The Caretaker

Nobody messes me about for long. You think I’m going to do your dirty work? You better think again!

The Caretaker

The Caretaker opens in the Minerva Theatre on Saturday 8 June. Visit the show page for more behind the scenes content including the teaser trailer and to book your tickets.