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The Boy at the Back of the Class tour opened last week and it comes to Chichester from 27 February - 1 March. See the cast in action and read what critics have been saying about this heart-warming celebration of friendship, acceptance and hope. Visit the show page to watch the trailer and for more photos.

Four students wearing matching purple school uniforms stand together, centre stage. Behind them is a school gymnasium style climbing frame. They all look out at the audience in amazement and one girl in the centre holds her arms out and smiles, like she is showing them something amazing.
Gordon Millar, Petra Joan-Athene, Sasha Desouza-Willock and Abdul-Malik Janneh in The Boy at the Back of the Class Image: Manuel Harlan 2024
5 Stars

Exactly the kind of story we need to be sharing with younger audiences

Theatre Weekly

4 Stars

An energetic, emotive and imaginative adaptation that deserves to be seen by all ages

West End Best Friend

4 Stars

Charming, poignant, and also genuinely moving

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Mrs. Khan's class even did a school photoshoot!

A class photo on top of a teal background, with a creased pattern like crumpled paper. There is yellow text on the left that reads 'The Class of 2024' and 'Mrs Khan's Class' is written in white underneath the image, with an arrow pointing to it. In the photo are nine students wearing matching purple school uniforms who are posing and looking at the camera. In the centre sits their teacher: a lady wearing a green floral dress and pink scarf.
The company in a promotional photo for The Boy at the Back of the Class Image: Csilla Horváth 2024
4 Stars

The energetic cast ensure plenty of humour alongside the more serious messaging


4 Stars

You leave the theatre high on the thought that communication through kindness really can overcome all


Get even more excited about this colourful, energetic production by watching the trailer...

The Boy at the Back of the Class tells the story of a group of friends who come together to help Ahmet, a young refugee who has just joined their class. They have ‘The Greatest Idea in the World’ – a magnificent plan to reunite Ahmet with his family. An unexpected and often hilarious adventure follows, all topped off with a terrific twist.

A boy wearing a black puffer jacket and patterned scarf crouches on the stage, which is lit in blue. He looks off to one side, with a worried facial expression. He clutches a big red backpack by the straps.
Farshid Rokey in The Boy at the Back of the Class Image: Manuel Harlan 2024

Inspire and delight children and grown ups alike and book your tickets now.