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Our mini-season of intriguing talks, delightful dinners and entertaining evenings is back! Check out the sensation of a season here.

The Taste Season celebrates a decade of working with Caper & Berry, and so we've collaborated to create extra special events that will get the tastebuds tingling.

A glass bowl filled with a pale, creamy dessert and bright red sliced strawberries, sitting on a pale blue floral-patterned plate

Coming soon...

  1. A little boy sits, with a baby on his lap, intently listening to a story; sat on beanbags and chairs.

    Storytime Saturdays

  2. Chichester Festival Theatre

    Improvisation Drop-Ins

  3. Two midwives in white smocks, white caps and blue blouses stand against a green and white wall. The midwife on the left holds two newborn babies, they look like twins. The midwife on the right holds one newborn baby with dark hair. They both look down caringly at the babies.
    Minerva Theatre & Steven Pimlott building

    Rapid Response - The Promise

    Wed 14 Aug (performance) & Mon 19 Aug (sharing)