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Our mini-season of intriguing talks, delightful dinners and entertaining evenings is back! Check out the sensation of a season here.

The Taste Season celebrates a decade of working with Caper & Berry, and so we've collaborated to create extra special events that will get the tastebuds tingling.

A glass bowl filled with a pale, creamy dessert and bright red sliced strawberries, sitting on a pale blue floral-patterned plate

Coming soon...

  1. The top of three tiers of afternoon tea stand with beautiful selection of cakes.
    Minerva Bar

    Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

  2. Photographer Henry Dallal stands next to the King's horse (which has a bright red formal dressing on this neck). Henry is dressed in a dark blue suit and has a camera in his hands.
    Minerva Bar

    Henry Dallal: Behind the camera

  3. A group dining in The Brasserie on a long table. In the foreground is a blurred plant to the right, behind the long table is a backdrop of the greenery of Oaklands park out of the window.
    The Brasserie

    Taste Off: Portugal vs Spain

  4. A dark wooden table with dark chocolate, white chocolate and nuts scattered on it. In the centre of the scattered food is a glass of rose wine.
    Minerva Bar

    Wine and Chocolate Evening

  5. A headshot of a lady in a blue jumper smelling the aroma of a glass of red wine.
    The Brasserie

    Call My Bluff Wine Tasting Dinner