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Rachelle Diedericks plays Catherine in A View from the Bridge. We caught up with her ahead of the show opening in the Festival Theatre on 6 October.

A woman in a light grey dress sits on a swing. Her face is in the shadows and behind her the stage is dark, with swirling grey smoke.

Name and role: Rachelle Diedericks playing Catherine, also called Katie

Can you tell us about your character? Do you like them? What do you think audiences will make of them?

Catherine is a young girl that is experiencing love and huge loss all at the same time. She's constantly being pulled in different directions by the people around her and it really gives me some fun things to play with sometimes. I like Catherine very much. She's beautiful in that I think she's got so much love to give that sometimes she doesn't realise that she needs to be careful where she places it and who she sends it to.

I can't predict what audiences will think of her because I think audiences will always surprise you in their theories but what I hope they understand from her is that she loves deeply. Also not spoiling anything, but they may be confused at the nature of that love but I think it'll be interesting to hear what people think and what they choose to take away.

How has the process of creating this production been? What have been the joys/challenges?

The joys have definitely been this company. We've had many a giggle and I love that even though we're doing what can be a very serious and tragic play at times, we've managed to find joy and laughter within our little company. The challenges for me have definitely been finding a rhythm within this play and not feeling like I've missed the train. Miller's writing is so truthful that whenever I've felt like I don't know what my character's doing, thinking or feeling, I've felt false, so it's been very hard to make sure moment to moment I'm on every little microbeat. It's still fun discovering these especially with an audience.

Why do you think this play is seen as a masterpiece?

I think it's a masterpiece because everything is on a thin line of 'is that what I think it is' or 'is that just normal and completely acceptable behaviour'. When you can't make your mind up if something is or isn't, I think it's exhilarating to watch. As soon as you decide that something is for example good or bad, it becomes boring but I think this play keeps you on the edge until the very end, which is why I think it's so great.

What are you looking forward to about performing at Chichester again? How was your previous experience of performing at CFT?

Very much looking forward to Chichester because this time I'm going to be performing in a different space. I was in the Minerva last time and loved it so can't wait to explore the main house. I loved being in Chich when we were doing Our Generation. As a company we just had such a lovely time in the sunshine and getting to spend our days together. I also love all the people working at the theatre, everyone was so welcoming and warm that it made the experience of being away from home feel not so daunting.