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Two of our Prologue Ambassadors, Grace and Honami, came to see The Jungle Book in December and reviewed the show.

For 20 years, Chichester Festival Youth Theatre has transported us to different worlds through their magically memorable Christmas shows in the Festival Theatre. This year's attention-gripping production of The Jungle Book has definitely lived up to CFYT's impressive reputation.

In a flash we are sent to the humid, harmonious wilderness of the jungle, home to many fascinating animals (brilliantly performed by the talented ensemble). Thanks to Chi-San Howard’s brilliant movement direction, the cast's animalistic behaviour appears natural and varies depending on species. A fantastic cast adds to the experience with Edward Bromell's breathtaking singing and Courtesy Phiri's engaging presence, the perfect pair for the bickering Bagheera and Baloo. Freddie Lyons' terrifying performance of the fear-provoking Shere Khan embodied the perfect antagonist for Sarada Pillai as the fearless Mowgli showing not only her bravery and charm but also struggles with her identity, and where to belong.

Other stand-out roles are Spencer Dixon as the fabulously flamboyant Kaa and Flo Clarke's touching performance of the good natured wolf Sammy. This all plays out within the amazing set and colourful costumes, adding an enchanting element to the play. The music by Ruth Chan adds a special quality to the overall performance, particularly in ‘Get Ready for The Jungle’. All of these elements created the energy and spark of the jungle, engaging audiences in the show. The Jungle Book is a vibrant burst of music, colour and fun. It’s definitely not to be missed!

Honami and Grace, Prologue Ambassadors