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One of our Prologue Ambassadors, Grace, came to see The House Party and here's what she thought...

Are you ready to join the party? Come along to CFT and be a part of Julie’s 18th birthday in The House Party before it ends on 1 June!

In this contemporary adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, we see rich (and extremely troubled) Julie expertly played by Nadia Parkes (making her stage debut), while her best friend Christine, played so naturally by Rachelle Diedericks, is trying to help Julie navigate all the chaos and struggles that seem to surround her. Josh Finan provides an incredible performance as Jon, showing the class divide between himself and Julie, as he remains seemingly invisible to her, whilst still doing whatever he can to support Christine with her future. The story follows the two friends, Julie is privileged but struggling and Christine has so much love to give and yet so much to lose, just trying to live their lives, and looking towards the future – surely nothing could go wrong?

This play is such an engaging and shocking watch, yet still filled with so much fun, so as an audience member you can’t help but be engrossed and follow along with this emotional rollercoaster. Laura Lomas’ adaptation doesn’t shy away from all the gritty experiences faced by teenagers, as they try to find themselves amongst expectations, class, the world of social media and so much more.

The immersive tickets enhance the experience as you are a guest at Julie’s 18th, and get to witness first-hand the night spiral out of control, whilst being surrounded by the action as it unfolds in front of your onstage seat!

The talented ensemble showcase and emphasise the element of the party, with fantastic choreography and the use of physical theatre, with many rave scenes instantaneously transforming into slow-motion.

This powerful and thought-provoking show is filled with talented young performers and is sure to leave you full of emotions and coming away with a lasting impression. It was incredibly captivating and full of energy so you don’t want to miss out on this top class show!

Review by Grace – Prologue Ambassador