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New for 2024, we're launching two exciting new community schemes, one in the daytime and one in the evening. They'll help you grow your creative skills and get inspired by our Festival 2024 shows.

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response scheme offers writers a creative challenge to respond to CFT's Festival 2024 productions throughout the season.

Participants will watch a matinee performance, take part in a post-show discussion and present their creative response a week later in a private session moderated by Playwright Lucy Flannery:

'I'm looking forward to this stimulating new writing initiative from CFT, both the immediate post-show discussions and hearing the short plays written in response. This is a great way for local writers to flex their creative muscles, producing work within a tight timescale, reading it in a respectful and supportive environment and receiving immediate feedback from their peers.'

You can find out more about Rapid Response, and pick a show (or two, or more...) that you'd like to get inspired by here.

Improvisation Drop-ins

Coming later this summer is a brand new series of Improvisation Drop-Ins on Thursday evenings. Join Louise Rigglesford, CFT's Senior Community and Outreach Manager, who had this to say about the exciting new workshops:

'Improvisation has been a personal favourite artform of mine for many years. Thinking on your feet, connecting with others and being playful are not only incredibly useful skills to develop, but great fun too! Participants can expect to laugh and learn though these drop-ins, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks along the way.'

Whether you're a seasoned performer or simply someone looking for a fun way to spend some Thursday evenings, embrace your inner child and explore the skills needed to make a performance on the spot!

Find out more and book here, or simply drop in on the day.