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Dee (Angela Marie Hurst), Anna (Carly Bawden) and Q (Zizi Strallen) stand wearing typically 70s clothing, they all hold a microphone in one hand and have there other arm raised above their heads making a rock sign. they are lit by one main spotlight.
Angela Marie Hurst Carly Bawden Zizi Strallen in CFTs Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023

The Little Ladies have arrived!

The world premiere of Rock Follies has opened in the Minerva. With a book by Chloë Moss, and songs from the original series by Howard Schuman and Andy Mackay, it's one of this season's most eagerly awaited productions for those who loved the ground-breaking TV show.

Have a read of what the critics have been saying below and check out the Little Ladies, and the company strutting their stuff and rocking out at CFT. For the full gallery head over to the show page.

Rock Follies runs until 26 August so make sure you don't miss this rousing, riotous rollercoaster of woman power!

4 Stars

Fabulous. This is gig theatre at its most exuberant


4 Stars

Rocking revival is energetic, effervescent and hugely entertaining

Mail on Sunday

A performer on stage backlit by bright coloured lights with company members gathered round in a circle, kneeling with their arms in the air towards the stage.
A scene from CFT's Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023

A cracking story crackingly well told, performed with energy, imagination and style and excellently directed by Dominic Cooke. The trio beautifully delineated and beautifully played

Chichester Observer

Stevie (sebastien Torkia) is dressed in black leather trousers, a black cape and black top. He has long black curly hair and is leaning back singing into a microphone. Behind him is a lot of coloured smoke and haze and in the background some dustbins with people inside them.
Sebastien Torkia as Stevie in CFTs Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023

An outstanding cast. Bawden’s performance is beautifully fragile and her vocal-control is just top-notch. Strallen is warm and funny and beautifully timed and her rather astonishing vocal-range is used to its full effect. Hurst is firing on all cylinders. Her vocals, too, are soul-satisfying and her performance both fiery and vulnerable

Portsmouth News

Q (Zizi Strallen), Anna (Carly Bawden) and Dee (Angela Marie Hurst) are dressed in red dresses that resemble Royal Guard outfits. They are standing on a stage that is lit with red, white and blue lights, they all have one arm in the air. Above them, lit up letters in red, white and blue read 'Little Ladies'.
Zizi Strallen, Carly Bawden & Angela Marie Hurst in CFT’s Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023

Carly Bawden, Angela Marie Hurst and Zizi Strallen sing so scorchingly, against a live band so thrillingly punchy

The Stage

Q (Zizi Strallen), Dee (Angela Marie Hurst) and Anna (Carly Bawden) are sitting on some wooden steps, all looking bemused at something off camera. They are all dressed in typical 70s clothing.
Zizi Strallen Angela Marie Hurst Carly Bawden in CFTs Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023
4 Stars

Zizi Strallen, Carly Bawden and Angela Marie Hurst are sensational in their roles. As an ensemble their harmonies are delicious and in solo work, each woman sings with a unique clarity and timbre that is spine-tingling in its beauty. Nigel Lilley and Toby Higgins musical arrangements of the score is inspired and their 5-piece band is sensational. With The Sound Of Music playing just across the driveway in the Festival Theatre it is likely that right now Chichester is home to some of the finest performances in the country.

Jonathan Baz Reviews

Kitty (Tamsin Carroll) stands in the middle of the stage, other people stand around her looking at her. She is wearing a cream 70s suit and red shirt.
Tamsin Carroll centre the company in CFTs Rock Follies Image: Johan Persson 2023