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As rehearsals start for Truth & Tails, we spoke with Director Bobby Brook about bringing these colourful stories to life in our brand-new adaptation.

What excites you about Truth & Tails?

What’s so beautiful about these stories is they have a really strong moral message but within that there’s a lot of fun to be had. There’s some fantastically vibrant characters so it never feels like we’re hammering home the message, it sits very naturally within the world that we’re playing.

What’s your favourite line?

In Roxy, there’s a line that quite a lot of the characters say: ‘I didn’t think about that!’. The line gets repeated with different people having fun saying it in different ways.

In Carlos – I think it’s probably when Carlos says at the end, ‘I’m green’. There’s something so beautiful and simple as he comes round to the idea that he just needs to be himself.

What can audiences can expect to see?

Hopefully lots of silliness, lots of colour and a great ensemble company working their socks off to tell these beautiful stories.

What makes directing with and for children so special?

Storytelling is a universal thing and when you work with young people, for young people, there’s something so alive and open about imagination. And that’s what’s so exciting for me about this. We’re playing with the idea that we can show the audience that we can all tell stories, use our imaginations and stay alive and open to it. That’s the great thing!

Truth & Tails plays 5 – 8 October in the Minerva Bar before a tour of local schools and libraries. Come and meet Roxy the Raccoon, Carlos the Chameleon and their animal friends as they discover more about themselves in this imaginative show, full of silliness and fun for 4 – 7 year olds.

The cast and creative team for Truth & Tails (8 people grouped together, some holding instruments).
The cast and creative team for Truth & Tails