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Coram Boy is currently in previews in the Festival Theatre and we're delighted to share a first look at this enthralling and captivating tale. Tickets start at just £10, so take a scroll through our new production pics, read what our audiences and the critics have been saying, and join us for an epic adventure.

Helen Edmundson's adaptation of Jamila Gavin's Whitbread Award-winning novel premiered at the National Theatre in 2005 before transferring to Broadway. Now is your chance to see it on the Festival Theatre stage - but hurry you've only got until 15 June.

4 Stars

A spellbinding drama that grips you from start to finish


4 Stars

A winning formula: a story of Shakespearean improbability blended with fascinating, 18th-century social history. Anna Ledwich’s production matches the plot with spectacle

Daily Mail

A choir stand on stage, wearing smart blue waistocats, brown shorts and white tights and neck ruffs. They are all smiling and singing, reading from small black books in their hands. They look towards a conductor who has his back to the camera. He has long curly hair and wears a smart brown jacket, with his hands raised in the air.
A scene from Coram Boy at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Manuel Harlan 2024
5 Stars

A stunning production that ticks every box. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seat throughout as the plots twists, turns and gradually unfurls. A theatrical masterpiece

The Latest

The most monumental piece of theatre, a truly epic, overflowing slice of 18th-century life in all its wickedness. Keeps you gripped

Chichester Observer

A group of people dressed in colourful dresses and jackets stand and sit together on stage. In the centre an older woman in a frilly purple dresses sits on a chair, looking proud, with two younger actors sat on the floor leaning against her dress. To the right two women in blue dresses lean against each other, hodlign hands. In the background stands a man in a golden jacket with buckles down the front. Off on her own stands a maid in a plain grey dress, with a serious expression.
Jo McInnes, Will Antenbring, Holly Freeman, Milo McCarthy, Pandora Clifford, Tallulah Greive, Rhianna Dorris & Debbie Korley Members of the company in Coram Boy at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Manuel Harlan 2024
5 Stars

Brilliantly depicted on stage, the actors are superb. A hard hitting historical masterpiece. Excellent’

What's Good To Do

A not to be missed piece of elegant theatre delivered with exquisite skill

Sussex World

A formal dance scene. In the centre, a young actor presents their hand to a young woman in a blue dress, offer her a dance. Behind them, couples dance round in circles together. A young actor looks down on the scene from a balcony.

5 stars is not enough, one of the best plays I have ever seen, 10 stars from me!

Audience member on Facebook

A group of actors stand on a wooden-floored stage, carrying sacks and baskets. They are moving in different directions, some holding things over their heads. On the right, a smiling young man shows a paper to a woman.
A scene from Coram Boy at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Manuel Harlan 2024

We have just come back from the performance - outstanding. So beautifully directed and acted. Bravo!

Audience member on Facebook

Saw it last night, an incredible show - heart rending, funny, painful, challenging and ultimately, hopeful.

Audience member on Facebook

A man stands in front of the camera, holding a newborn baby who is wrapped in a blanket. The man looks down at the baby with a serious expression, and they are lit in white light. In the background, a group of people in long flowy dresses and smart jackets stand together in a freeze frame. A man has collapsed on the floor in front of them.
Aled Gomer (Meshak Gardiner) & company in Coram Boy at Chichester Festival Theatre Image: Manuel Harlan 2024

An incredible and impactful watch

Audience member on Instagram

An excellent production. It is a tale that has some challenging themes but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Audience member on Facebook

Head to the show page to see the full production gallery; you can also check out the delve deeper section to learn more about the process of creating Coram Boy for Festival 2024.

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Jo McInnes plays Mrs Lynch, here she speaks to Phil Hewitt, Group Arts Editor at Sussex Newspapers, about this epic adventure and similarities to another show in our Festival season...