About our events

It’s silly, it’s fun and it’s a little bit different.

From cabaret to comedy, drag to music, our late night series is here to light things up at CFT. Stay up late with us in the Minerva Bar.

Tickets £10. £5 for Prologue members.

List of Events

  1. Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Backroom Gig

  2. A smiling woman with long brown hair stands on stage, reading from a large black book.. She wears a white top with black spots, and black trousers. She is wearing a microphone on her face. To the left, a blonde woman is looking towards her, smiling. This woman is in a long black dress and holds another book.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Words Out Late

  3. A glitterball shines and sparkles in the centre of the frame, with stage lights aimed at it. Below and beside it, stage speakers are hung.
    Minerva Bar

    House Party Silent Disco

  4. A black-and-white-photo of a man and woman sat at a table, applauding something in front of them out of frame. The man has a beard and tied-back hair, his mouth is slightly open as he cheers. The woman is on the right, smiling. On the table is a beer bottle, two tall drinks glasses and a gin glass with a straw.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Cabaret Noir

  5. A blonde woman in a sailor suit poses centre with a man in drag; he's in a blonde wig, bikini top decorated with seashells and a red and yellow grass skirt. Around them, six chorus girls in sailor hats, sleeveless denim tops and frilly, tutu-style skirts gesture towards the central couple with arms aloft. behind them is a Stars and Stripes flag.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Slay and Play

  6. A microphone is in the centre of the frame, in front of a backdrop of blurred golden lights.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Fest to Fest

  7. A woman sketches a pencil drawing of a man onto a sheet of paper. The paper is on a wooden table, and the pencil is orange.
    Minerva Bar

    CFT Lates: Sketch & Sip