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Treat your favourite person to a trip to the Theatre to see one of these brilliant upcoming shows or let them choose with a CFT gift voucher.

Treat your special someone...

  1. An image of a young boy's face painted in brown and black ink and paint,  with visible splotches and brush strokes. He is looking straight ahead with an innocent expression, with his hair is swept to the side. In the background is a London skyline including St Paul's Cathedral. Below the image are bold, red capital letters reading 'Oliver!'
    Festival Theatre


This Taste season

  1. Chichester Festival Theatre

    Improvisation Drop-Ins

  2. Two midwives in white smocks, white caps and blue blouses stand against a green and white wall. The midwife on the left holds two newborn babies, they look like twins. The midwife on the right holds one newborn baby with dark hair. They both look down caringly at the babies.
    Minerva Theatre & Steven Pimlott building

    Rapid Response - The Promise

    Wed 14 Aug (performance) & Mon 19 Aug (sharing)
  3. An elderly man (Ian McDiarmid) stares at the camera. His face is wrinkled and looks stern and dramatic, with shadows under his eyes and chin.  He is wearing a black shirt, and his face in lit in a silvery colour.
    Minerva Theatre & Steven Pimlott building

    Rapid Response - The Caretaker

    Tue 9 July (performance) & Tue 16 July (sharing)

A night of drama

  1. A black bicycle lies on the ground, half covered in snow. Next to the bike, a patch of snow is stained red with blood. In the foreground, a man is turned away from the camera looking towards the bike, he is wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and a black jacket, which are speckled with snow.
    Minerva Theatre

    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

  2. A black-and-white-photo taken on the crowded steps of Chichester Law Court. In the centre, two young men in stylish suits walk down the steps, holding their hands in front of their faces to block the camera. Around them, women in 1960s hairstyles and coats look up at the two men, some with excited expressions. On the left stands a stern policeman in a hat, with two more policemen and photographers in the background.
    Festival Theatre


Family favourites

  1. Children and grown-ups look at props and fake food on a table.
    Festival Theatre

    Family Friendly Backstage Tours

  2. Minerva Bar

    Baby Knees-up

  3. A group of smiling children, sitting down.
    Minerva Bar

    Comedy Club 4 Kids

    Sun 11 Aug at 1pm and 4pm
  4. Two girls dance together on the park. They are smiling. Behind them another woman dances, and lots of other people sit on chairs looking towards a stage.
    Oaklands Park

    Silent Disco - Family Sessions

    Sun 11 Aug, sessions 10.30am - 2.30pm

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