CFT Trees and Carbon offsetting


CFT is committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming a sustainable theatre. In place of opening night gifts and cards, traditionally given to the company to mark the opening of each production, we now plant trees within the Chichester District to support local tree planting initiatives. Pictured is a lime tree planted in December 2020 by the Pinocchio company.

We encourage patrons and staff to minimise car travel but recognise that driving may be the only available option for some. For Festival 2021 we are piloting a new partnership with UK social enterprise, Ecologi, offering audience members the opportunity to offset the carbon impact of their journey to the Theatre and plant trees. You can explore the CFT forest online and find out more about the planting audiences have supported so far.

This partnership will support carbon offsetting projects and the planting of trees all over the world. You can find out about some of the projects Ecologi supports on their website. To date Ecologi have planted over 25 million trees worldwide.

The projects Ecologi invest in are verified and certified by recognised bodies such as Gold Standard, a certification supported by international organisations including WWF and the United Nations and Verra's Verified Carbon Standard. The projects range from building renewable energy plants in countries such as Indonesia and Uganda, to preserving forests in Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. Tree planting is managed by Eden Reforestation Projects who work alongside local communities to plant native trees in countries including Mozambique, Madagascar and Nicaragua.

It is important for us to make a real impact with our carbon offsetting and tree planting project. Our partnership with Ecologi is a pioneering programme for a UK theatre which, alongside supporting local planting in Sussex, will help us contribute to meaningful solutions to the climate crisis.

What difference does my £1 make?
By adding £1 to your basket for each show purchased, you will offset the equivalent COemissions from your car journey and plant four trees, which will continue to improve the climate as they grow. As of 4 October 2021, CFT audiences have committed to plant over 11,000 trees internationally and offset the equivalent of 391 tonnes of CO2.

If you would like to find out more about Ecologi, we find their FAQs page very informative and helpful.

Carbon offsetting is just a small part of what we’re doing to improve our environmental impact. We hope you support this project and look forward to sharing other plans and changes at CFT. Thank you for your support of this initiative.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact us at