2019: Oklahoma!

The summer musical in 2019 saw the second production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! - the only time a musical has been staged twice at CFT (the first was a decade earlier in 2009).

Award-winning director Jeremy Sams returned to Chichester delivering a fresh interpretation focusing on youth and new beginnings, emphasising the themes of violence in contrast with youthful naivety. A memorable set by Simon Higlett extended the stage upstage into the loading dock to give the audience the sense of the vast plains of the American South. In line with Sams' interpretation, two young actors were cast in the leads, both making CFT debuts: Amara Okereke as the independent female protagonist Laurey and Hyoie O’Grady as cowboy Curly. In 2022, Okereke starred in the West End's revival of My Fair Lady.

Costume design for Oklahoma! by Brigitte Reiffenstuel

Sondheim famously said "Carousel is about life and death but Oklahoma is about who goes to the Box Social." I've always thought to myself, if it ever comes my way, I would make it: Life and Death who goes to the Box Social!


Pre show talk for Oklahoma! with director Jeremy Sams