2018: Flowers for Mrs Harris

A heart-warming new musical by Rachel Wagstaff and Richard Taylor, Flowers for Mrs Harris was a standout audience favourite in the 2018 season. The production had premiered at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield under Daniel Evans in 2016, and was recreated at Chichester with Clare Burt reprising her role as Mrs Harris, a cleaner whose life is transformed by the sight of a Christian Dior dress.

The complete cast and orchestra reassembled over three days in July 2020 to record a cast album which, due to COVID-19, took place on stage at the Festival Theatre rather than in a studio. Listen to the full album below, and experience a brand new 4D reconstruction of the red Dior dress.

Full cast recording Flowers For Mrs Harris

This short film documents the making of the cast album of the hugely acclaimed musical Flowers for Mrs Harris, and the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on some of the freelancers involved.

On 29 July 2020, the entire Flowers for Mrs Harris cast and orchestra reunited, and stepped once more onto the Chichester Festival Theatre stage, almost two years since the show was performed there, to make this recording. In the grip of the COVID-19 global pandemic, this was perhaps the only such endeavour happening anywhere in the country at that time.

RICHARD TAYLOR, composer & lyricist