2005: Community Carnival

In 2005, for the third year running, Chichester Festival Theatre's Barclays Community Carnival brought colour, music, dance and celebration to the streets of Chichester. More than 1,000 people participated, including local arts groups, schools and CFYT members. The carnival procession started at the Theatre and snaked its way through the city centre, culminating in a celebration on Oaklands Park.

In June 2022, CFT orchestrated the Carnival of Lights, a grand parade of lanterns created by local schools, groups and artists dancing through the streets of Chichester to the Canal Basin as part of the district-wide Culture Spark celebrations.

I remember being dressed as a playing card, one of a pack of cards with all my friends. We'd lovingly made the costumes ourselves, with the dutiful help of our parents and local artists. The day itself was wonderful and unforgettable - I felt like I was a part of something bigger than I'd ever done before.

Community carnival participant Alex Berry (then 11 years old)

Community Carnival, 2005 Image: Photographer unknown