1991: Tovarich

In 1991 Patrick Garland returned for a second tenure as Artistic Director. In desperate need to revive the fortunes of the Theatre, a big success was needed. It came in the form of Tovarich, a sentimental musical play about impoverished Russian aristocrats working as domestic servants in Paris. Prima ballerina Natalia Makarova and Robert Powell led the cast. Sarah Badel, another cast member, recalled that after the end of a performance on the day a coup in Russia had been prevented, “the lights went up in the auditorium […] She gave this wonderful speech about how democracy and freedom had been fought for and won in her beloved Russia and the whole audience got to its feet and cheered her to the rafters.” (Chichester Festival Theatre at Fifty).

The production was well-received, touring and then transferring to Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End.

Tovarich Press Release announcing West End dates
Natalia Makarova in Tovarich

Press review for Tovarich, Daily Telegraph 1991