32  Clean Break Sweatbox.


A Prison Van In Motion

A Clean Break production

TicketsPrice: £10


Like so much of this phenomenal company’s activity, Sweatbox is vital, humane work with real theatrical heft.

The Stage

Acclaimed immersive production Sweatbox is a theatre experience that takes place in a real prison van.

Written by Chloë Moss, directed by Anna Herrmann and performed by Clean Break members, this intimate 15-minute piece offers a unique insight into the criminal justice system and the impact it has had on the fates of three women.

The van will be stationary on the Chichester Festival Theatre site.

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Prologue 17 Lime Teal.

Prologue tickets available from 2 March for the following performances:

13 June, 6:30pm

14 June, 8:30pm

Running Time
15 minutes