Shakespeare Fun For Familie Events.



Inspired by characters and themes from stories in the festival season, KS2 students can re-imagine stories and characters before performing their own version in a practical workshop. 

Storymakers workshops are available on selected pre-matinee dates at the Theatre, or can be delivered within school. 

THE MIDNIGHT GANG – Devise new adventures after the clock strikes twelve

Pre-matinee workshop: Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 October, 11am – 1pm

Lunch space available following workshop

Or during October and November 2018 within school


SLEEPING BEAUTY – Create 21st century love stories

Pre-matinee workshop: Tuesday 18 December, 11am – 1pm 

Lunch space available following workshop

Or during December 2018 within school


Participants: KS2

For: Up to 30 students

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Theatre or in school

Cost: £5 per pupil

To book one of our workshops, contact or find out more about booking schools tickets for shows or events.

Age Guidance 
Age 7 - 11 years
Running Time
2 hours