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Storymakers: The Butterfly Lion

TicketsPrice: £4 per pupil


Storymakers workshops are an ideal exploration of The Butterfly Lion for those attending the production or can serve as a great introduction to drama for pupils. Exploring scenes, characters and themes from our adaptation of The Butterfly Lion, pupils are inspired to devise and perform original responses.

Pupils will develop performance and teamwork skills, an awareness of different roles in theatre and an understanding of how stories are adapted for the stage.

Workshops are available at the Theatre on selected matinee dates, with lunch space available or can take place at your school during the performance run.  

Dates at the Theatre: Tuesday 15, Wednesday 23 October, Thursday 8 November, 11am – 1pm
Dates within school: Workshops are available to book on any dates during the run (30 September – 15 November) 
Focus: Literacy, Performance Skills and Teamwork 
For: KS2 pupils 
Duration: 2 hours 
Location: Theatre or in school 
Cost: £4 per pupil

To book one of our workshops, contact our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at or find out more about booking schools tickets for shows or events.