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Chichester Festival Youth Theatre

Relaxed Performance: Sleeping Beauty

By Rufus Norris
From The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods by Charles Perrault

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Family Friendly
Price: £15


If it's that easy, why hasn't anybody else kissed her?

We're pleased to present a Relaxed Performance of our Christmas production, Sleeping Beauty on Sunday 30 December at 2pm.

A princess under a fairy’s curse pricks her finger on a spindle and sleeps for a hundred years, waiting to be woken by a prince’s kiss.

But hold on a moment. There’s a distinctly different slant to this story. The princess is beautiful and spirited but there are two princes and a lot of threatening thorns. As for the fairy who caused all the trouble in the first place – well, putting things right isn’t as simple as casting another spell.

Rufus Norris’s splendidly entertaining and mischievous version of the original fairy tale ventures beyond the usual ‘happy ever after’ ending with the prince and princess united. The course of true love never did run smooth – especially if your mother-in-law is an ogress with an unfortunate taste for human flesh...

Chichester Festival Youth Theatre are renowned for their wonderfully imaginative productions. They follow their five-star versions of Grimm Tales and Beauty and the Beast with a Sleeping Beauty that will keep you wide awake!

Rufus Norris’s version of Sleeping Beauty premiered at the Young Vic (2002). He is Director of the National Theatre.

This relaxed performance welcomes individuals, groups and families with children on the autism spectrum, sensory and communication disorders, a learning disability or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment.

The performance and theatre will be adapted in a variety of ways to create a welcoming, less formal environment:

  • Audience members are able to leave and return to the auditorium during the performance 
  • A chill-out area will be available for the duration of the performance 
  • The auditorium lights will be adjusted for comfort 
  • There will be a relaxed attitude to noise during the performance 
  • The show’s lighting and sound levels will be adjusted 

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Audience comments

Audience comments below about the relaxed performance of Me and My Girl (Festival 2018)

A relaxed performance is the only way my daughter can access the wonderful world of theatre. I am indebted to the very kind people at Chichester Theatre who make this possible.

I really value the opportunity of bringing my son to see performances delivered in this way as it is stress free; I wouldn't have been able to attend with him otherwise, so Thank You, here's hoping for more musicals and their relaxed performances.

My son adores musical theatre but sings along loudly so I cannot take him as it interrupts other audience members. Seeing Matt Lukas afterwards in the foyer made his absolute day.

Loved the relaxed atmosphere. Loved the attitude of the staff and cast. It felt that everyone was informed about the needs of people with autism and other difficulties, and that really does make a difference when you are anxious that your child is going to be seen as "being naughty".

As a parent of a young person with learning difficulties who likes to maintain a running commentary to all she does, I didn't have to worry about trying to make her quiet - she was too enthralled with the singing anyway!

We had such a lovely time at this performance. The staff and cast were amazing, so welcoming and calm, and helpful. We can't fault it at all. Well done. We will definitely come back! Thank you.

Age Guidance 
Age 7+