Mind Body Sing.

Mind, Body, Sing Yer Heart Out

Part of Ageless Week

Festival Theatre FoyerDatesPrice: Free, donations welcome


We invite you to enjoy the fun and health-giving properties of group singing at the final event of Ageless Week. Mind, Body, Sing is CFT's regular series of dementia friendly singing sessions which are open to everyone. 

This special event for Ageless Week will be led by Janet Ayers and Matthew Parsons, natural voice practitioners, who have been running community choirs for over nine years. They will expertly lead the group through chants, shanties, riffs and familiar tunes in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Even if you think you can't hold a note or keep a rhythm, you are definitely welcome to this fun event. There are no wrong notes!

This free event is part of Ageless Week; donations are welcomeAgeless is all our work for people who might struggle to access theatre.

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Running Time
1 hour