He Aint Heavy.

Oddly Moving present

He Ain't Heavy

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An incredibly poignant and intimate portrayal of sibling love. You have to see Grania in action: she is a highly skilled circus performer, storyteller and connector, lighting up the entire stage.


Performer Grania Pickard tells the story of growing up with her disabled autistic brother Sean using physical theatre, aerial circus, audience interaction and storytelling. Through puppetry, the audience see how Sean walks, talks and interacts with the world and how his unique take on life has shaped and influenced Grania.

When people ask me about my brother I usually give them the short answer; he has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and autism. He Ain't Heavy is the long answer. As Sean cannot go on a national tour due to a love of routine and no concept of theatre, we are going to bring him into the room in other ways.

He Ain’t Heavy is an accessible production, with a relaxed attitude to audience noise and movement.

Cast & Creatives


Grania Pickard

Performer and Creator

Sophie Postlethwaite


Jimmy Whiteaker


Charlotte Mooney

Aerial Choreography

Tom Richmond

Lighting Design

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres


Paul Blakemore



Running Time
60 minutes with no interval