Gandini Juggling: 4x4 Ephemeral Architectures

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A splendid blend of talents imbued with both elegance and wit


Tracing pathways in space, 4 jugglers and 4 ballet dancers share a stage for the first time.

The sensational Gandini Juggling, a mesmerising mix of circus and theatre, returns to Chichester following a sell-out performance in January 2016 to showcase its love affair with pure patterns and mathematics.

Following the international success of Smashed, this new work takes us on fleeting journeys through time and space in a unique dialogue between jugglers and ballet dancers.

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This is a show of elegant, wistful beauty, in which the spatial becomes something you can almost reach out and touch. At times it feels like a game of chess. Like much of Gandini’s work, it has a cool gaze but never a cold heart, while it obsessively and wittily looks for the meaning of life in the mathematical patterns of bodies and sound.


A phenomenal display

Everything Theatre

The four dancers perform in and around the four jugglers, ducking and weaving as balls, clubs and rings fly around them. They form groups, meshing like cogs in a living machine, before splitting apart like atoms. Backed by a string quintet, whose minimalist sound curls through the leaping bodies and flying balls, they evolve into a hybrid organism through a cross-infection of talents the jugglers dance and the dancers juggle. A clever, cool and wondrous show that gives delight.

The Stage

Agile and atmospheric. A splendid blend of talents imbued with both elegance and wit