Fizz & Feminism

30 June, 8 September Steven Pimlott BuildingTicketsPrice: Free, but booking is essential
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We’ve opened our Fizz & Feminism events to the public and would love you to join the conversation. We’ll be discussing a range of topics and the practical steps we can take towards gender equality in an inclusive and welcoming space. Everyone is welcome to speak, listen and learn from each other.

Fizz & Feminism is a ‘brave space’ – we encourage participants to speak honestly from their own experience to cultivate productive dialogue and mutual learning. We acknowledge that in speaking from our own experience, we might make mistakes and agree to hold one another accountable in the hope that our dialogue will lead us to a greater understanding than we could reach alone.

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Past events:

17 June, 2021

PRIDE MONTH – Queer Theatre Representation & Teaching Equality in Schools

To celebrate Pride Month, our first topics for discussion will be Queer Theatre and LGBTQ+ inclusion within arts spaces and Teaching Equality in Schools.

Ellie Snow - she/her - (CFT YAB member and Queer Theatre practitioner) delivered an opening provocation on the subject of Queer Theatre and LGBT inclusion within arts spaces.

This was followed by an open discussion.

Andrew Strong (Headteacher at Portfield School) delivered a provocation on teaching and living equality in schools, looking at how we give children and young people the knowledge and tools to understand and strive for equality, be it gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights or racial justice.

This was also followed by an open discussion.

2 September, 2021

Being a female director in the industry

Bobby Brook (Assistant Director for South Pacific and Director for Pinocchio) spoke about her experiences in the theatre industry, the progress being made for women across the board and the steps we still need to take.

This was followed by an open discussion.

2 December, 2021

Awareness and Inclusivity of Black Lives

Abbi Edwards of Chichester Black Lives Matter spoke about awareness and inclusivity of Black lives.

This was followed by an open discussion.

Why women are important in responding to the climate crisis

Julia Sander of Transition Chichester spoke about the ways in which the climate crisis adversely affects women around the world and how we can respond globally and locally.

This was followed by an open discussion.