Erin Doherty     Alfred Enoch
Wendy Kweh    Jonathan Slinger

Crave (On Demand)

By Sarah Kane

Available on demand from 00.01am 19 May until 11.59pm 29 May Streamed EventTicketsPrice: From £15
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This production will be available on demand from 12.01am BST on 19 May until 11.59pm BST on 29 May. Your ticket is valid for 72 hours from the point you start to watch, but please ensure that you start to watch before 11.59pm BST on 29 May as your reference code will expire after this time. 

This event can be viewed in a web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, via Google Chromecast, on Apple or Android TVs and on Amazon Fire TV. Find out how to connect here.

A chance for audiences at home to experience a specially made film of the production that defied lockdown. Sarah Kane’s Crave was live streamed to thousands in 50 countries around the globe as the cast of four performed in an empty auditorium. This film is a new edit of the live stream, with remastered sound and incorporating new footage from filmmaker Ravi Deepres.

In a damaged world, four characters search for the light. This heart-rending, funny, kind and cruel meditation on the meaning of love resonated with audiences looking to reconnect after the loneliness and seclusion inflicted by a global pandemic.

Erin Doherty, Alfred Enoch, Wendy Kweh and Jonathan Slinger are the cast in Tinuke Craig’s production, which is designed by Alex Lowde, with lighting by Joshua Pharo, composition and sound by Anna Clock, film by Ravi Deepres, movement by Jenny Ogilvie and casting by Charlotte Sutton. Filmed by The Umbrella Rooms.

Contains strong language; suitable for ages 16+.


Cast & Creatives


  • Erin Doherty

  • Alfred Enoch

  • Wendy Kweh

  • Jonathan Slinger


Creative team

Cast List

Tinuke Craig


Alex Lowde


Joshua Pharo

Lighting Designer

Anna Clock

Composer and Sound Designer

Ravi Deepres

Film Designer

Jenny Ogilvie

Movement Director

Charlotte Sutton

Casting Director



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Content and themes

At CFT, we want everyone to feel truly welcome and comfortable. While we try not to spoil anyone’s enjoyment by giving away ‘spoilers’ such as plot twists and narrative surprises, we also recognise that some people may find certain themes distressing. You’ll find guidance on such content below; please be aware that by reading this, some elements of the plot may be revealed.

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Crave  Age Guidance: 16+ Language: Strong language Nudity: None Violence: None Themes: Love, loss and desire. Rape, incest, child sexual abuse, anorexia, drug addiction, mental instability, murder, suicide.


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Age Guidance 
Age 16+
Running Time
Approximately 50 minutes, with no interval
Contains strong language