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Education Experiences

Our engaging one-off workshops are designed to inspire students, develop creativity and support a range of curriculum topics across KS1 and KS2.

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Information about our partnership project is detailed further below.


Inspired by characters and themes from stories in the festival season, KS2 students can re-imagine stories and characters before performing their own version in a practical workshop.

Storymakers workshops are available on selected pre-matinee dates at the Theatre, or can be delivered within school.

THE MIDNIGHT GANG – Devise new adventures after the clock strikes twelve
Pre-matinee workshop: Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 October, 11am – 1pm
Lunch space available following workshop
Or during October and November 2018 within school  

SLEEPING BEAUTY – Create 21st century love stories

Pre-matinee workshop: Tuesday 18 December, 11am – 1pm 
Lunch space available following workshop
Or during December 2018 within school  

Participants: KS2
For: Up to 30 students
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Theatre or in school
Cost: £5 per pupil

Shakespeare Fun For Familie Events.

Creative Literacy Workshops

Bring landmark stories to life with a practical workshop focusing on work by a significant author. Pupils will develop literacy skills, creative writing and imagination through drama techniques.

Workshops are developed to focus on a chosen author or text, in consultation with teachers.  

Participants: KS1, KS2
For: Up to 30 students
Duration: 2 hours
Location: In school
Cost: £5 per student

Theatre Day: The Midnight Gang

Learn about staging, characters and storytelling in this exciting addition to a performance for KS2/3 students.

Tue 30 October - SOLD OUT
Wed 31 October - SOLD OUT
KS2, KS3
For: Up to 50 students
Location: Theatre
Cost: £13.50 for workshop and performance

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Primary Technical Tasters (KS2)

Students are invited to discover what goes on behind the scenes in a landmark theatre.  

Led by a member of our Technical Team, these practical workshops focus on an important element of theatre. Students could find out how costumes or props are designed, what it takes to build a set or how to light a performance.  

Students can also take part in Arts Award Discover or Arts Award Explore as part of these workshops.

Four workshops are available, each focusing on a different area:

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Stage Design 

For: Up to 25 students
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Theatre
Cost: £5 per student (additional fees for Arts Award apply)

Primary School 4.

Partnership Projects

Collaborate with us to offer students a sustained programme of learning, designed to enhance theatre visits, develop theatre-making techniques or build key skills. 

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Across eight in-school workshops, students will work with a creative facilitator to develop writing, grammar and imagination through scriptwriting. Participants will develop their own short play, to be performed by other students at the end of the project.  

Playtime is designed to increase confidence and teamwork whilst encouraging independent creativity. Students will share ideas, take inspiration from well-known stories and develop an understanding of how their work would be performed on stage. Pupils also have the option to participate in Arts Award Explore through the programme.  

Through generous support, Playtime is offered free of charge. Fees apply for Arts Award. 

Applications for Playtime in summer term open in March 2018.

Participants: Year 5 or Year 6
For: Up to 30 students
Duration: 8 x 90 minutes
Location: Your venue

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