Primary Education

Our primary education programme provides year-round activities to inspire students, develop creativity and support a range of curriculum topics. During the 2021 summer term these opportunities will be available online or in-person, please email our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at to discuss in more detail. 

Opportunities include one-off workshops exploring our productions, theatre-making and STEAM subjects throughout the academic year, and exciting partnership projects for primary schools. Our work introduces KS1 to theatre for the first time, consolidates learning across KS2 curriculum topics and adds value to a theatre visit.

Inspired by our productions we also have a range of digital resources available to support learning in school.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at or find out more about booking schools tickets for shows or events.

Storytelling Workshop

Pupils will develop their imagination and drama techniques using storytelling in this practical workshop, as well as finding out more about theatre, what makes a great story and how we tell these on stage. Sessions are adapted for different ages and will focus on a chosen text in consultation with teachers. 

Focus: Literacy and Performance
For: Up to 30 KS1 or KS2 pupils
Duration: 1-2 hours
Location: In school
Cost: £5 per pupil

Theatre Makers Workshop

In these exciting workshops pupils explore how to use scripts, what devising means, props and costume ideas and staging choices, all whilst gaining understanding of creative roles in theatre-making. 

Focus: Scripts, Devising, Creative Roles, Performance 
For: Up to 30 KS1 or KS2 pupils  
Duration: 1-2 hours 
Location: In school 
Cost: £5 per pupil

To book either of these workshops, contact our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at

Explore STEAM Workshops

Pioneer Workshop

Inspire pupils through cross-curricular workshops focusing on key female figures in science, technology and mathematics. Choose from a range of topics - from animals to atoms - enabling pupils to learn through drama games and exercises.

Focus: Science, Technology, Mathematics, Performance
For: Up to 30 KS2 pupils
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: In school
Cost: £5 per pupil

Primary Technical Taster

Led by a member of our production team, pupils explore a technical element of theatre with practical insight and hands-on experience into the technology and skills involved. Workshops are available in:

  • Costume – how are they designed and created?
  • Lighting – what science and skills make lighting work?
  • Sound – how does technology create sound?

Focus: Science, Technology and Design
For: Up to 30 KS2 pupils
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Theatre
Cost: £6 per student

Technical Tasters are led by CFT staff or freelance creatives, and are only available on selected dates at the Theatre.

Backstage Tour and Workshop

Pupils explore our iconic Theatre on a backstage tour, learning theatrical secrets and the science that makes our building work. Consolidating this learning, pupils also participate in a Theatre Makers workshop exploring storytelling and staging.

Focus: Science, Technology, Drama
For: Up to 30 KS2 pupils 
Duration: 3 hours (1 hour tour, 2 hour workshop)
Location: Theatre 
Cost: £7 per pupil

To book any of our STEAM workshops, contact our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at

Schools Partnership Projects

Our education projects build sustained and exciting partnerships with schools through practical workshops, teacher CPD sessions, digital resources and visits to the Theatre. Participants develop theatre-making techniques, build awareness of creative careers and gain vital transferable skills.


In our KS2 partnership project, pupils who find literacy challenging will be inspired by the themes, characters and story of  one of our productions to create and share original stories. Alongside drama and literacy skills pupils develop communication, co-operation and confidence, supporting wider learning.

Playtime has benefited over 900 pupils so far and attracts a significant number of applications each year. We particularly welcome applications from schools in high-deprivation or isolated areas. Playtime is designed for pupils who would benefit most from participation, and through generous support is delivered without charge to participating schools.

Focus: Literacy, Performance, Communication, Confidence
For: 30 Year 5 or Year 6 pupils per school
Duration: September 2021 - December 2021 through eight weekly sessions
Location: Theatre and in school
Cost: Free, by application

Giving this enrichment to our pupil premium students was amazing, something that cannot be replaced in a classroom. We now have higher attendance amongst these students, a love for drama, and bonds with new people. It proves arts in education is absolutely vital in their social and emotional learning.

Schools Fest Partner Teacher 2020

The children have developed many levels of learning. They now see drama as something that supports and inspires writing. Their writing developed through the process, and they now understand text structure and gained resilience in writing.

Playtime Partner Teacher 2019

Schools Fest

Schools Fest enables Year 6 pupils across the Arun district to engage in theatre-making. Pupils take part in four practical workshops, watch two key productions and develop communication, confidence and teamwork throughout the project.

Schools Fest has engaged over 450 participants since 2018, enabling many to experience theatre for the very first time. Schools Fest is designed and delivered in partnership with Artswork and through generous support is delivered without charge to participating schools.

Focus: Drama, Performance, Communication, Teamwork  

For: 30 Year 6 pupils per school 
Duration: September 2021 - December 2021 
Location: Theatre and in school 
Cost: Free, by application

Contact our Education Projects Manager, Richard Knowles at to be added to our mailing list to be the first to find out when applications for Playtime and Schools Fest open.