Chichester Festival Youth Theatre Subscriptions

Subscriptions for the Autumn 2020 term will be available to purchase from 10am on 7 September until 6pm on 2 October.

Please note, these subscriptions are only available to purchase online for existing members of Chichester Festival Youth Theatre. If you would like to find out more about joining the Youth Theatre please email or contact the LEAP team on 01243 784437 for more information.

Parents / Carers are able to purchase subs online on behalf of the Youth Theatre member. To do this, select tickets on the relevant group, login to your account and then select the person you are purchasing on behalf of. To progress through the priority screen, enter the promo code detailed in your renewal email. If you are not being given the option to purchase on someone else's behalf, please email with your account details so we can link your accounts.

For additional support we recommend you download a copy of our online booking guide (below) as the purchasing process differs slightly from buying tickets for one of our productions.

The Autumn term will begin w/c 21 September. The window to purchase subscriptions will close at 6pm on 2 October.

CFYT Online Booking Guide

Listed below are the Autumn term groups. Please make sure you are logged in to your account, and then select TICKETS for the group that your child attends.

If they are a member of any of the following groups, please choose CFYT Satellite Autmn Term:  Bognor 1 Groups A and B, Bognor 2 Groups A and B, Horsham 1 Groups A and B, Horsham 2 Groups A and B, Horsham 3 Groups A and B, Worthing 1 Groups A and B and Worthing 2 Groups A and B.

If your child is in receipt of a CFYT bursary, please go to this page.

CFYT Chichester Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Satellite Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Wednesday Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Friday Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Starters KS1 Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Starters KS2 Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Starters Musical Theatre Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Tech Youth Theatre 2 Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Musical Theatre Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Youth Dance 1 Autumn Term 2020

CFYT Youth Dance 2 Autumn Term 2020

Group Timetables

As we have a temporary timetable in place for Autumn term, please make sure you head to our CFYT Timetables page to download a copy of the timetable for your child's bubble group. Your group will have been sent to you in an email but if you are unsure what sessions your child should be attending please email and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.