Commissioning Circles Supporters

Judy Addison Smith
Renata Baillieu
His Honour Michael Baker
Terry Bamford
Margaret Bamford
Ben-Levi Family
Philip Berry
Julian and Mary Biggs
Tricia and Michael Blakstad
Rosalind Bowen
Bernard and Chrissy Brown
Patrick Burgess
Dr Maggie Burgess
Caroline and Malcolm Butler
George and Madeleine Cameron
The Chadha Family
Anthony Clark
Michael and Frances Coates
Karen Coburn
Charmian Connell
Annie Cosh
Rosie and Charlie Drayson
Mrs Veronica J Dukes
Mike Elliot
Sheila Evans
Steve Evans
Val and Richard Evans
Jeremy and Adèle Fletcher
George Galazka
Sophie Gooley
Jennie Halsall
Themy Hamilton
Mrs Joan Hampson
Christopher Hampson
Anne and Eddie Hazel
Mr and Mrs Peter Henshaw
Jac Hepworth
Mrs Diane Hill
Mr and Mrs C Hindson
Chris Hitchings
Richard and Rosie Hoare
Jammy Hoare
Adrianne Hunter-Cook
Jacintha Hutton
Freda James
Colin and Gay Kaye
Sara Kelly
Roger Keyworth
Dinah Lamming
Simon and Belinda Leathes
Elaine Leaver
Mrs Jo Lewis
Penny Linnett
Vaughan and Sally Lowe
Nick and Sue Lutte
Jeremy and Caroline Marriage
Mrs Jane Marsden
Roger and Maggi Marshall
Sarah and Charles Martin
Peter and Nita Mitchell-Heggs
Vicky Mudford
John and Caroline Nelson
Mary Newby
Annie Newell
Pippa Nott
Jane Oundjian
Graham and Sybil Papworth
Sir Geoffrey and Lady Pattie
Lyana Peniston
William and Penny Plant
Lindy Riesco
David and Sophie Shalit
Jon and Ann Shapiro
Dr Jeremy Shaw
Dr Linda Shaw OBE
Greg and Katherine Slay
Patricia Sloane
Peter and Lucy Snell
Delphine Star
Sayers and Strange Families
Susan Taylor
Howard M Thompson
Anita and Tom Trevelyan
Humphrey Van Der Klugt
Ian Warren
John Webber
Chris Williams
Ernest Yelf