Festival Players and Commissioning Circle supporters

Festival Players £1,000+
The Aldama Foundation
John and Annoushka Ayton
Mike and Alison Blakely
Denise Clatworthy
Michael and Jill Cook
Jim Douglas
Peter and Ruth Doust
John and Joanna Dunstan
Mr and Mrs Stephen Edge
George Galazka
Kay Glendinning
Mrs Margaret Johnson
Roger Keyworth
Selina and David Marks
Gerard and Elena McCloskey
James and Anne McMeehan Roberts
Mrs Michael Melluish
Celia Merrick
Philip and Gail Owen
Tom Reid and Lindy Ambrose
Ken and Ros Rokison
The Tansy Trust
Christine and Dave Smithers
Mrs Barbara Snowden
David and Alexandra Soskin
Ian and Alison Warren

Festival Players £500+
His Honour and Mrs Michael Baker
Chris and Ruth Baker
Matthew Bannister
Mr James and Lady Emma Barnard
Pat Bowman
Tim Bouquet and Sarah Mansell
Mr and Mrs Jeremy Chubb
Sally Chittleburgh
Mr Charles Collingwood and Ms Judy Bennett
Lady Cudlipp
Patrick and Melissa Disney
Brian and Sonia Fieldhouse
Lady Finch
Jacqueline and Jonathan Gestetner
Stephen J Gill
Dr and Mrs P Golding
Caroline Greenhalgh
Brian Lake
Mrs Rose Law
Frank and Freda Letch
Colin and Jill Loveless
Dr and Mrs Nick Lutte
Jeremy and Caroline Marriage
Sue and Peter Morgan
Mrs Mary Newby
Lady Nixon
John Rank
John and Betsy Rimmer
Nigel and Viv Robson
Rod and Sarah Selkirk
Brian and Hana Smouha
Graham and Sue White

Festival Players £250+
John Allum
John and Shirley Bartlett
Mrs Sarah Baskcomb
John R Baumber
Martin Blackburn
FH Brittenden
Peter and Pamela Bulfield
Frances Clark
Olive Colson
Mrs Barbara Cook
Brian and Claire Cox
Christopher and Madeline Doman
Betty and Ian Elliott
Beryl Fleming
Alan and Valerie Frost
Lady Gadsden
Suzanna Gayford
Julian and Heather Goodhew
Kathy and Roger Hammond
Dennis and Joan Harrison
Robert and Suzette Hayes
Eric and Susan Hinds
Joyce Hytner
Robert and Sarah Jeans
Mrs Pamela Johnson
Anna Christine Kennett
John and Jane Kilby
Jane Mansell
Roger and Ann Matthews
Mick and Betty McGovern
JH and JC Mitchell
Jean Plowright
John and Tita Shakeshaft
Phillip and Vivien Sober
Barbara Stewart
Anne Subba Row
David and Vivienne Woolf

Commissioning Circles
Judy Addison Smith
Ashcroft Family
Renata Baillieu
His Honour and Mrs. Michael Baker
Ian and Judy Barlow
Jeremy and Sue Barrett
Jonathan Ben-Levi
Valerie Bird
Michael and Tricia Blakstad
Rosalind Bowen
Dermot and Julie Boyle
Bernard and Chrissy Brown
Patrick and Maggie Burgess
Caroline and Malcolm Butler
George and Madeline Cameron
Anthony Clark
Michael and Frances Coates
Karen Coburn
Annie Cosh
Clive and Frances Coward
The Draysons
Mrs Veronica J Dukes
Bridgette Elkins
Richard and Val Evans
Steve and Sheila Evans
Murray Fox
Dr John Godfrey
Sophie and Tristan Gooley
Sir Malcolm and Lady Green
Jennie Halsall
Themy Hamilton
Kathy Hammond
Christopher and Joan Hampson
Anne and Eddie Hazel
Mr and Mrs Peter Henshaw
Sue Hepburn
Jac Hepworth
Anne Hewat
Mrs Diane Hill
Chris Hitchings
Richard and Rosie Hoare
Jammy Hoare
Jacintha Hutton
Margaret Johnson
Philip Jones QC
Colin and Gay Kaye
Sara Kelly
Roger Keyworth
Belinda Leathes
Elaine Leaver
Cdr. and Mrs J. Lieurance
Penny Linnett
Jonathan and Clare Lubran
Caroline and Jeremy Marriage
Mrs Jane Marsden
Roger and Maggi Marshall
Peter and Nita Mitchell-Heggs
Vicky Mudford
John and Caroline Nelson
Mary Newby
Pippa Nott
Sybil Papworth
Denise Patterson
Lyana Peniston
Michael and Wendy Pitty
William and Penny Plant
Katie Pope
Lindy Riesco
David and Sophie Shalit
Linda and Jeremy Shaw
Greg and Katherine Slay
Patricia Sloane
Peter Snell and Lucy McGinlay
Delphine Star
Strange/ Sayers Family
Howard M Thompson
Steven and Denise Watson
Elizabeth Williams
Ernest Yelf
Cheryl Yeoman

And all those who wish to remain anonymous.