The Monster Challenge

‘Stories are important. Stories can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.’ 

Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls 

Do you have a passion for telling stories? Do you feel the itch to grab a notebook and pen to respond to the world around you?

To accompany the UK Tour, we are running The Monster Challenge, seeking short stories from young people aged 10-25, nationwide. The challenge is open to all - anyone who has a story to tell.

We are looking for the boldest, bravest and most creative short stories, so let your imaginations run wild! 

Stories submitted from each region across the tour will be selected and narrated by members of the cast, in a series of videos posted up on social.

For full details about the challenge and how to enter, simply download our Monster Challenge Pack here.  Pick up a pen and go. Run with it. Make trouble…

Send in your submissions here.