Introducing our Prologue Ambassadors for 2020/2021

Thirteen people have united, at the end of one of the most bizarre years on record. Some old, some new, all with a passion for the performing arts. 

Their mission? To make sure that theatre comes back bigger and better than ever, for everyone – but particularly those aged between 16-30. 

Who are we? We are Alice, Alice, Amy, Bethany, Chloe, Dominique, Ella, Grace, Jacob, Molly, Rebecca, Seren and Theo.

We are the CFT Prologue Ambassadors for 2020/21! All with a shared enthusiasm for theatre, performance, and everything that goes with it, our role is to share with you all as much as we can about the shows happening at Chichester, Prologue exclusives, and exciting new content as the year progresses. 

However, there is no doubting that we’re going to be faced with some unusual challenges during our time as Ambassadors. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been 'A Year', and that this world we are living in is going to be our new normal for a while. We can’t meet in the same ways, share the same experiences, or simply just be together in the ways we have before. 

Yet one thing is for sure. We have all turned to the arts, in some way, shape, or form, to provide respite and release from the madness going on around us. We all know – and know that you know, too – that theatre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It might just take us a bit longer to get back to it. So our aim, as Ambassadors, is this. 

We’re going to bring you as much as we can from the world of CFT, in new and exciting ways. We’ve already been working on ideas together online, thinking about how we can make theatre work for you in 2021. We may not know yet what’s going to be allowed to happen, or when, but we’re not going to let a little thing like that stop us! With blog posts, digital media, and a whole host of creativity, we’re going to make sure that you get your theatre fix.

Keep your eyes peeled… and watch this space!