Five Day Play

We're determined to stay creative at the moment and want you to join in! That's why we're launching the Five Day Play. Every Monday we'll share a short brief and all you have to do is respond with a short play and send it in.

We'll choose our favourite each week to post on our website and the winning writer will receive feedback on their work.

The only rules are that your play cannot exceed 10 pages, and you must email it to by 6pm on a Friday. Let's get writing!

Five Day Play Banner.

Week Two

Choose your favourite space in the entire world. It could be the beach, a family holiday home, or it could be completely made up and imaginary… maybe in a hot air balloon? This is where this week’s play is set. 

Submit by 6pm on Friday 3 April.

Week One

We're keeping it simple to start off! There can only be 2 characters, A and B, and B has a secret to tell A. Whether we find the secret out or not is up to you... we all love a cliff-hanger.

Submit by 6pm on Friday 27 March.

Winning entries

Week One