Vanessa Emme

Previously at Chichester Fasto in Pitcairn (Minerva Theatre, Globe Theatre and tour).

Theatre includes Chris in Dancing at Lughnasa (Lyric Theatre Belfast), Linda in Stags and Hens, Minnie Powell in The Shadow of a Gunman (The New Theatre Dublin), Desiree in Pains of Youth, Florinda in Into the Woods, Maud in The Night Season, Marie in Bold Girls, Sharon Lawther in Scenes from the Big Picture, Antigone in Antigone, Jaquenetta in Love’s Labour’s Lost (The Lir Academy).

Television includes The Fall, Mariana.

Films include The Anti Love Pill, The Shadows, Every Second Sunday, The Inside, Outside of Heaven, Ghostwood, Kaleidoscope.

Trained at the Lir Academy Dublin.