Jim Creighton

Previously at Chichester Lieutenant Fedotik in Three Sisters and Bellerose/Poet/Cadet in Cyrano de Bergerac (Festival Theatre).

Theatre includes Burgundy/Simpcox/Stafford/Father in The Wars of the Roses (Rose Theatre Kingston), Osborne in Journey’s End (Watermill Theatre), Surgeon Forby Maxwell/Staff Wallah in The Silver Tassie, Ara Man in Fram, Jason in Market Boy, Domingo in The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Prince of Arragon in The Merchant of Venice, Tabouret in Money, Zamisolv in Summerfolk, Soldier in Troilus and Cressida, Cecco in Peter Pan, Lammers in An Enemy of the People (National Theatre), Rivers/Brackenbury in Richard III (Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal York), Sheriff in Desire Under the Elms (Lyric Theatre), Adrian in The Tempest and Wiggy Jones in Flarepath (Haymarket Theatre), Shirer in 1936 (Attic Theatre), Meadows in Loot (Tricycle), Graham in The Entertainer and On the Middle Day (The Old Vic), Nils Snemyr in Brand and Salerio in The Merchant of Venice (RSC).

Television includes Apple Tree Yard, WPC 56, Doctors, The Hour, King Lear, Ashes to Ashes, Emergency Rescue, The Estate Agents, The Merchant of Venice, The Perfect Crime.