Wellbeing in our Youth Theatre and beyond

Chichester Festival Youth Theatre (CFYT) welcomes young people in weekly sessions at CFT and at our seven satellite locations across West Sussex. We aim to help young people from a variety of backgrounds to develop their artistic, personal and social skills. As part of this our practitioners have been looking at ways to integrate wellbeing activities into their sessions to help support the young people we work with. This includes having a focus on positive reinforcement and affirmations, doing good news updates at the start of sessions and actively checking in with young people to see how they are doing. Alongside this we have been including a wellbeing and mindfulness exercise in each of our CFYT newsletters. 

As part of our commitment to extend our duty of care to Youth Theatre participants we are really pleased to be recruiting a Creative Therapist to join the CFT team. They will work with CFYT to provide a one-to-one support channel for individuals who are struggling with their mental health and give appropriate support to vulnerable CFYT members who may be at risk of withdrawing from sessions. They will also direct participants to relevant professional support services as appropriate and deliver Youth Theatre sessions on personal growth and resilience. Alongside this, they will develop and deliver wellbeing training and consultancy for in-house and freelance practitioners, pioneering best creative practice and working to create a culture of care across the organisation.

We are really proud to be welcoming a Creative Therapist to the team and are one of the first theatres to be offering this resource. You can find out more about the Creative Therapist role here, applications close 11 July. 

If you're looking for some mental health support or to find out more on how we can all prioritise wellbeing, then check out the resources here